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Technology Deep Dive: GoEzy White Label App

Commuter-friendly features with a focus on your goals

There are countless apps on the market allowing travelers to see traffic conditions, get a fast route home, or even find transit options and schedules. But despite the proliferation of these services, commuters are still driving single occupancy vehicles to their own detriment and congestion continues to plague our roads.

But where other trip planners end, GoEzy only begins. The GoEzy intermodal trip planning app is where Metropia’s countless AI and machine learning algorithms, models, simulations, analytics, and behavior modification strategies come alive to directly engage travelers in support of your agency’s TSMO and ADM objectives. Desired outcomes such as utilizing transit or avoiding peak congestion periods can be programmed into GoEzy’s backend logistics and deployed as campaigns to actively shift traveler behavior toward system-improving actions.

​At first glance, the GoEzy app is similar to other trip planner apps on the market. A traveler can get navigation directions, look up alternate modes, and even join a carpool with someone else, but behind the scenes, Metropia’s many platforms are working in sync to deliver something no other app does.

GoEzy doesn’t wait for a user to ask for driving directions or seek out alternative mode options; it actively learns each user’s unique travel patterns, then applies artificial intelligence to predict the commuter’s next destination and proactively suggest ideal travel times, routes, and modes of travel based on that user's dossier of behavior and travel preferences. Through the application of behavioral economics and tailoring travel suggestions to the individual, GoEzy reduces the effort required from the commuter to take a trip and greatly enhances the likelihood of shifting that traveler toward travel behaviors that support your agency’s objectives.

GoEzy features a complete suite of available mode options and services including driver navigation, dynamic carpool pairing, transit, ride hailing, micro-transit, biking, and walking. Mobile payments for transit, parking, TNC, bikeshare rentals, and more are fully integrated as well. Intermodal capabilities allow users to seamlessly chain together modes of travel to increase their options and solve first-mile/last-mile challenges.

Suggestion tiles and suggested route

Suggestion tiles and suggested route



Wallet and redemption

Wallet and Redemption

Other apps may provide your agency with a trip planner, but none of them actively encourage the formation of new travel behaviors. Pair GoEzy’s features with tools from INDUCE, Metropia’s behavior modification platform to leverage behavioral economics tools such as information campaigns and intelligent incentive applications to nudge travelers toward system-benefiting modes and actions.

We apply science and theory in traffic flow, network modeling, and behavioral economics, combining these with mobile computing and location-based interactions. All of this is done in an effort to provide real-time personalized communication to roadway users and system administrators. We provide the best strategies for users to avoid traffic congestion, and for system administrators to both provide multi-modal opportunities and respond to incidents effectively.


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