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Incident Impact Predictive Analytics

Our MaaS platform integrates with a diverse range of data sources that capture planned and unplanned network or system service interruptions including traffic incidents, road closures, flooding, transit service interruptions, work zones, and more. Ingested data is processed and stored in a centralized data warehouse designed to ensure data integrity and scalability and is easily retrievable for analysis. Our robust incident prediction analysis system provides accurate predictions of incident duration and impact on traffic flow and allows us to notify travelers about potential disruptions, offer relevant advice and provide personalized guidance to help them navigate around or avoid the affected areas.

Decision Support Capability for User Advisory and Guidance

Decision Support System for User Advisory and Guidance Our ability to provide highly personalized, relevant and timely information to Metropia’s MaaS platform users about planned or unplanned network or system service interruptions is made possible by our decision support system. This system ensures the incident-related information and guidance we convey to users is directed to those who will be or are impacted by the activity and will benefit from receiving the specific information. By also assessing the predicted impact of and the user’s predicted activities, the system also determines the appropriate timing for sharing the information. Finally, this system’s advanced algorithms and computation techniques calculate the best options for users to avoid incidents, allowing them to plan trips and make decisions based on the most up-to-date-information available.

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Personalized Traveler Information/Experience and Traveler Alerts

Trip planning using Metropia’s MaaS platform integrates real-time incident, work zone and flooding data to provide users with timely notifications when their intended travel is expected to be disrupted. While planning trips, users can see live, detailed alerts on roadway incidents and flooding and service interruptions along their potential driving or transit routes. If users pre-schedule a trip in the trip planner or save a particular route in the travel time lookup feature, they’ll receive advance notification if issues develop along their upcoming route.

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