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Transit Ticketing 

Transit Ticketing 

Transit Ticketing 


Transit Ticketing 

Transit Ticketing 

Transit Ticketing 

White Label App: GoEzy

Our white label app carries your branding and is customized for your needs with our many modules and functionalities that are available across all our technology solutions. With customer experience a top priority, our platform is user-friendly and makes planning and accessing mobility options easy for your customers. With access to our comprehensive set of features and capabilities, departments of transportation, transit agencies and businesses can meet a range of needs spanning transportation system operations, transit ticketing and payment, accessing mobility and journey planning and more.

MaaS Trip Planner

In today's fast-paced world, efficient and seamless travel is a priority for both locals and tourists. For locals, discovering how to connect between point A and point B, particularly the first and last mile options, can be difficult. For tourists, navigating public transportation systems in unfamiliar cities can be daunting and time-consuming. A well-designed MaaS trip planner simplifies the process and enhances the overall travel experience.  Our robust MaaS trip planner seamlessly connects travelers to multiple modes of transportation and offers efficient, convenient, and personalized mobility solutions.

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Transit Real-Time Info

Our user-friendly, transit information system allows users to access service schedules and plan their trips with ease. We consolidate real-time GTFS data from diverse transit agencies into a single location, making it convenient and easy for travelers to make informed decisions about their travel plans. They can easily view the most up-to-date information--including estimated travel and arrival times of buses at each stop along a selected route--at their fingertips.

ADA Compliance

Our white-label app solutions deliver an equitable experience for all users by prioritizing accessibility to make it intuitive, user-friendly and easy to navigate by everyone. It has undergone rigorous ADA compliance audits conducted by third-party auditors.  Our accessibility features include: ● User-friendly data entry for greater inclusiveness. ● Intuitive, simple gestures enable users with fine-motor issues to use the app. ● Consistent and refined nformation architecture allows for information to be easily found and understood. ● Visual accessibility includes considerations such as font-size and color contrast. ● VoiceOver command functionality gives access to the visually impaired. ● Wheelchair-accessible transit trip options. ● Visual, text and audible instructions for driving navigation. ● Parking filtering options include the ability to accommodate users with specific accessibility needs. ● Built-in assistive technologies, such as screen readers and text transcripts for voice.

Mobility Wallet

Making payments for any Transportation Service Provider (TSP) is made possible with our innovative Mobility Wallet solution. In one step, users can plan their complete trip, buy and store tickets, and retrieve and use their tickets for all TSP services. The Mobility Wallet introduces a dual currency system, Coins and Tokens, which offers users a single, integrated payment option for mobility services. It also increases transportation equity by including the ability for governments, private companies and others to add funds or subsidy to a user account.

Transit Ticketing

Direct ticket purchases and accessing tickets has never been easier. Our transit ticketing solution offers passengers a comprehensive solution for all their ticketing needs. Whether they prefer to purchase tickets in advance or as part of their trip planning process, passengers can purchase and access their tickets right in the wallet. Our solution offers an efficient and user-friendly ticketing experience. Say goodbye to long queues and complicated ticketing processes, and say hello to a new era of convenient and hassle-free transit ticketing with our cutting-edge solution.

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Bike Routing

Cycling for leisure or commuting can be a viable and enjoyable mode of transportation but may be underutilized due to safety concerns and a lack of awareness about bikeway routes with supportive infrastructure. Our innovative bike engine helps people navigate the city on bike with confidence and peace of mind based on their personal comfort levels. Comfort scores are calculated for different routes by prioritizing factors such as neighborhood connectivity and dedicated bike lanes or separation facilities, even if they may not be the fastest routes available. Our trip planner then provides users with information on bike route options based on these comfort scores, so they can make informed decisions prioritizing safety and comfort during their bike journeys.

TSP Integration

Our platform integrates various Transportation Service Providers (TSP) to make connecting end users to all the available mobility options a reality. Through bi-directional communication with TSPs and other data interfaces facilitated in the platform, users can explore their mobility options, request rides, modify or cancel reservations, and make payments without leaving the Metropia platform.  Our capability integrates TSP providers with varying service characteristic:  Fixed Route TSP (typically point-to-point or circulating shuttle services), Location-based TSP (generally micromobility shared services), and Demand-Responsive TSP (Transportation Network Companies and agency-run micro-transit services that do not follow a specific route or schedule. Our approach to TSP integration is flexible; we can accommodate the preferred data format of each TSP to ensure smooth integration into our platform.

Social Carpool

GoEzy’s social carpool feature makes sharing rides a breeze with two easy options. Users can find carpooling partners in one or multiple groups they chose to join. In this way, users are not matched with strangers. A carpool group can be set up as public or private by any individual or organization to limit rideshare matches to within their own social circles and comfort levels. When two or more users plan to carpool together such as two coworkers having lunch together at a restaurant or two friends attending an event together, they can bypass the formal matching process altogether. However, in both cases, Go Ezy’s social carpooling feature automatically verifies carpooling activities for formal tracking or rewarding purposes, guides the driver to the pre-planned destination and even makes it easy for passengers to chip-in for gas while sharing a ride.

Curbside and Garage Parking

Parking integration in a MaaS platform enhances overall user experience by showing drivers where there’s plenty of available parking and helps them avoid areas where there’s no parking. Within our platform, users can conveniently access real-time parking information such as availability, pricing, and location of parking spaces. This integration streamlines the trip planning process, assuring users of parking availability at their destination without spending excessive time searching. Ultimately, the integration of parking into a MaaS platform contributes to a more efficient, user-centric, and environmentally-friendly transportation ecosystem.

Vanpool Mobile App

We provide a self-standing white label app solution that makes vanpool commuting easy, convenient and sustainable for vanpool program operators and vanpool participants. The app is a user-friendly channel for vanpoolers to communicate with one another as well as confirm ridership, assign driving duties, cancel trips, add a day rider, and complete the monthly reporting. Vanpool activity data is captured in real-time as vanpoolers interact with the app, providing greater data accuracy for program administrators.

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