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Loyalty and Challenge Program

Loyalty and challenge programs are long-term strategies for building brand affinity and advocacy and to both attract and retain customers. Using our open architecture-based loyalty and challenge program platform, transportation and mobility programs can offer tailored and attractive benefit offers to customers such as transactional, points-based rewards, discounts, or similar incentives. Administered through existing apps or tools, or through our GoEzy smartphone app, our platform includes a powerful array of systems including our incentive engine along with built-in campaign management and data analytics capabilities. Our Mobility Wallet solution can also be easily included, bringing a dual-payment reward system to the platform. We work jointly with agencies to define program rules and reward types, track and verify eligibility, and manage automatic reward redemption processes. Our platform offers the following loyalty program configurations: ● Point accumulation tracking and monitoring ● Rewards and benefits redemption ● Personalized offers to program members ● Gamification to make the program engaging and fun ● Communication and engagement with program members ● Reward partnership with local businesses and retailers

Dynamic and Personalized Incentive

Mobility behavior change requires more than a shift in mindset. Through our MaaS solution, we lead users through a progressive and incremental behavior change process which empowers them to embrace alternative modes of travel, reduce their reliance on driving, and contribute to a more efficient and sustainable transportation ecosystem. Users are “nudged” towards trying different non-driving travel modes using occasional challenge programs. As they become more comfortable and receptive to change, our platform uses dynamic and personalized incentives to encourage them to use the alternative to drive more often. This is made possible through our incentivization architecture and our Metropia Massive Mobility Management (M4) module, which dynamically generates personalized incentives to users in real-time.

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Mobility Options Discovery

We view behavior change as an incremental “trigger and reinforcement” process that helps people discover the appeal of alternative travel options beyond driving, encourage them to try out different options, and ultimately shift their travel behaviors. Our MaaS platform’s innovative AI-driven algorithms and machine learning-based, robust Mobility Options Discovery (MOD) process offers relevant and personalized mobility options for people using our mobile solution. It calculates the relative attractiveness of modes based on characteristics (e.g., travel time, number of transfers, etc.) and suggests the second-best mode option to driving alone. This second-best mode option represents a plausible and likely alternative that someone can easily consider – and our experience shows that it works.

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