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Technology Deep Dive: Transit Ticketing

Metropia's innovative transit ticketing capability enhances the way passengers purchase, store, and access tickets for their transit journeys. With a seamless integration of direct ticket purchases and ticket acquisition as part of the trip planning experience, Metropia's MaaS platform offers passengers a guided, comprehensive solution for all their ticketing needs. Say goodbye to long queues and complicated ticketing processes, and say hello to a new era of convenient and hassle-free transit ticketing with Metropia's cutting-edge platform.

Direct In-App Purchase of Tickets

Metropia's MaaS platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with multiple transit ticketing vendors as designated by the transit agency. Collaborating closely with both the transit agency and the ticketing provider, Metropia ensures that the platform supports a wide range of ticket types to meet the specific needs of each agency.

Every transit agency has its unique set of rules and requirements when it comes to ticket expiration, discounts, transfers, and passes. Metropia's MaaS platform is highly customizable, allowing the configuration of these rules within the platform itself. This flexibility ensures that the ticketing experience aligns with the agency's policies and regulations.

Metropia’s mobility wallet is capable of integrating with a wide array of tickets for various transit services, each incorporating specific rules, restrictions, and limitations.

Metropia’s mobility wallet is capable of integrating with a wide array of tickets for various transit services, each incorporating specific rules, restrictions, and limitations.

Through close collaboration and ongoing communication, Metropia works hand in hand with the transit agency and the ticketing provider to define and implement the available ticket options within the Metropia MaaS platform. This includes considerations such as single-use tickets, day passes, weekly or monthly passes, and any other specialized ticketing options specific to the agency's offerings.

Purchase Tickets in Trip Planner

In a significant enhancement to Metropia's MaaS platform's transit features, transit agency riders can conveniently purchase and use their digital transit tickets without disrupting their navigation while walking to the bus or light-rail.

With a simple swipe up on the navigation screen of Metropia's MaaS platform, the user will be prompted to either buy, activate, or open a transit ticket based on their specific journey and the current availability of tickets within their digital wallet--by design, the app will intuitively tailor the experience for the individual user.

Buying a ticket: For users who don’t have the correct ticket for their specific trip already purchased and stored in their wallet, a green “Buy Ticket” button prompts them to make the purchase. Through the integration of our transit ticketing and trip planner features, the appropriate ticket for the transit line is pre-selected on behalf of the user, taking all of the guesswork out of the equation for a new rider.

Activating a ticket: Once a ticket has been purchased, either previously or during the trip itself, the user will need to activate it so that it's ‘live’ and ready to access. Metropia’s digital ticketing system can automatically set expiration times based on the ticket-type and agency rules.

Opening a ticket: As the user boards their bus or light rail, it’s time to present their ticket. By tapping “Open Ticket” the appropriate ticket for the route is pulled up and ready to present to the driver. Animation sequences and custom QR codes ensure that a valid, verifiable ticket is being presented.


Experience the convenience and flexibility of Metropia's MaaS platform, tailored to the ticketing needs of each transit agency. Simplify the ticketing process, adhere to agency-specific rules, and enhance the overall transit experience with Metropia as your trusted MaaS solution.


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