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Technology Deep Dive: Parking Integration

Assisting MaaS platform users to conveniently access availability, pricing, and location of parking spaces during their trip planning. All in real time.

Integration of parking, both lots and curbside, is crucial for a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform to provide a comprehensive transportation solution Our MaaS solution’s parking integration spans the following key functionalities: parking lots and garages, curbside parking, in-navigation near destinations. MaaS platform users can conveniently access real-time availability, pricing, and location of parking spaces during the trip planning process. This means travelers can arrive at their destination without spending time searching for parking, thereby, reducing congestion around the destination, reducing emissions associated with searching for parking spaces, and maximizing parking resources. Ultimately, the integration of parking into our MaaS platform contributes to a more efficient, user-centric, and environmentally-friendly transportation ecosystem.

Trip Planning - Parking Lots and Garages

The parking lot feature offered through Metropia’s platform allows users to easily locate parking lots and garages on the map during the trip planning process, making it convenient to find parking options near their destination. Additionally, users see information about each garage, such as distance, name, and real-time availability, directly on the map view. A detailed description of the parking lot or garage is also offered including open hours, address, cost, phone number, and height restrictions.

Metropia’s platform also includes real-time airport parking information. When planning driving trips to the airport, users can easily search for airport or terminal names on the dedicated parking page, allowing them to quickly access relevant locations. Upon initiating the search, the app seamlessly zooms into the airport area on the map, displaying the various parking locations available.

Furthermore, the app offers a seamless transition from the parking feature to trip planning. Once users have identified their preferred parking facility, they can simply click on the “View Route” option to access the trip planning feature. This integration streamlines the process by allowing users to incorporate parking considerations into their overall travel plans.


Trip Planning - Curbside /On-Street Parking

The curbside parking integration allows users to easily view on-street parking locations on the trip planning map, providing them with a clear understanding of available parking zones near their destination. In addition to the visual representation of parking locations, the integration provides informative icons that convey important real-time information about parking status and availability. Users can easily identify whether the cost to park is free and where no parking zones are located. Furthermore, the icons indicate the current availability status, ranging from high vacancy to nearly full.

To assist users in making informed parking decisions, the app also displays essential information such as distance, address, and parking zone numbers. Users can simply click on the “View Route” option to initiate the trip planning process.


In-Navigation Near-Destination Search

One of the distinctive and user-friendly features of Metropia's parking integration is its ability to provide seamless parking assistance when users are navigating near their destination. The app intelligently detects the user's proximity to their intended destination and automatically displays nearby parking lots and facilities on the map. This enables users to quickly and conveniently select a suitable parking location without the need for manual searches or additional apps.

Once the user has chosen a parking facility, Metropia's app takes the experience a step further by seamlessly integrating parking and navigation functionalities. After parking their vehicle, users can rely on the app to guide them to their final destination on foot, offering step-by-step directions that ensure a smooth and efficient transition from parking to the desired location.

This parking integration feature greatly enhances the user experience by eliminating the hassle and uncertainty associated with finding parking spaces in unfamiliar areas. Users can make informed decisions about parking options based on real-time availability, pricing, and other relevant information provided within the app. By seamlessly integrating parking into the navigation process, Metropia simplifies the overall journey, saving users time and reducing stress.

Moreover, this feature encourages sustainable transportation choices by promoting efficient use of parking spaces and reducing unnecessary vehicle circulation. By effortlessly guiding users to nearby parking facilities and their ultimate destinations, Metropia's parking integration fosters a more seamless, convenient, and environmentally friendly transportation experience for users.

Parking Payment

Metropia's parking integration goes beyond providing a seamless parking experience for users by offering flexible payment options that cater to the unique needs of agency clients and parking operators. The system is designed to integrate with the preferred parking payment provider chosen by the agency client, ensuring compatibility and a smooth transaction process.

Metropia's platform accommodates both pre-billing and post-billing payment models, providing agencies with the flexibility to choose the approach that best aligns with their operational and financial requirements. With the pre-billing option, the agency or parking operator receives immediate payment when a Metropia MaaS platform user selects to pay for parking. This streamlined process enhances revenue collection and financial management for agencies, optimizing their parking operations.

On the other hand, the post-billing option allows for the accumulation of transactions, with payments made to the agency or parking operator upon receiving the billing statement. This approach provides agencies with a comprehensive overview of parking usage and enables efficient reconciliation and invoicing processes. Metropia's system seamlessly integrates with agency systems to capture accurate and timely transaction data, facilitating effective financial management and reporting.

Metropia recognizes that each agency has unique requirements and existing partnerships with various payment vendors. As a result, Metropia has extensive experience working with a wide range of payment methods and providers. The platform can adapt to support diverse payment systems, including credit cards, mobile wallets, parking apps, and other emerging payment technologies. This compatibility ensures that users have convenient and secure payment options while meeting the specific needs and preferences of agency clients.

By offering flexible payment integration, Metropia empowers agencies to leverage their preferred parking payment solutions, enhancing operational efficiency, revenue management, and customer satisfaction. The comprehensive experience and expertise of Metropia in working with various payment methods contribute to a seamless and reliable parking payment experience within the MaaS ecosystem.

Metropia’s parking payment integration in Houston enables the system to connect with the parking payment provider’s Application Programming Interface (API), facilitating a smooth and efficient parking experience for users. Through this integration, users can conveniently select a parking zone and view the available parking duration options. They can also select their desired parking duration and instantly see the corresponding price. Users can conveniently pay for their parking using Coins/Tokens directly within the app.

Furthermore, the app sends users timely notifications when their parking session is about to expire, helping them manage their parking time efficiently. Users can monitor the remaining time of their parking session and extend it if needed. The app also allows users to access their transaction history, ensuring transparency and easy tracking of parking payments.

The integration enhances the overall parking experience for users, offering them a seamless and user-friendly solution that simplifies the process of paying for parking, provides transparency, and ensures optimal convenience and control over their parking sessions.


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