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Technology Deep Dive: Mobility Wallet

It wasn’t too long ago that you had to use cash or a credit card at a kiosk to buy a paper ticket before you could ride the bus, take the subway, or any other public transportation mode.

That’s all changed, and with the latest advances to Metropia's Mobility Wallet, now backed by moovel's transit fare collection and ticketing solutions, commuters can benefit from the seamless integration of digital ticketing within a complete door-to-door trip experience. This integration is a major step toward supporting Universal Basic Mobility (UBM) related programs.

Mobility Wallet Innovation: Dual Currency

Metropia's innovative Mobility Wallet is designed to be flexible for any Transportation Service Provider (TSP) service payments. Our users can plan, buy, store, and take their trip all within Metropia's powered apps for all TSP services. The Mobility Wallet also transcends the traditional concept by introducing a dual currency system, Coins, and Tokens. This advancement is already live in the market and has been deployed to power the recently-launched Houston ConnectSmart program.

Houston ConnectSmart's implementation of Metropia's dual-currency system

Houston ConnectSmart's implementation of Metropia's dual-currency system

Coins may be purchased directly or awarded to the users for using the app or as part of a loyalty or challenge campaign. In addition to transit tickets, Coins may also be used to pay for carpools or redeemed for various national retailer gift cards (Amazon, Target, Starbucks, etc.), local offers available through the in-app marketplace, or donated to a supported cause.

Tokens are gifted by a sponsoring public or private entity that would like to reward their designated users with tickets for sustainable mobility options. Tokens can only be redeemed according to the rules set by the sponsoring entity.

Successful Implementation

Metropia’s successful design and implementation meet the core goals of a Mobility Wallet as defined by ITS America:​

  • Provide users with a single integrated payment option for mobility services. Metropia's Mobility Wallet meets this goal by accepting various types of payment, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit, and credit cards for Coin purchases. Additional options are currently under consideration, enabling users and those without access to credit or debit cards, increasing accessibility.

  • Apply the best fare, taking advantage of available discounts, even when using multiple modes of travel for a single trip. Metropia's Mobility Wallet meets this goal by offering the user the available fares and any promotional discounts on all travel modes for each trip.

  • Promote transportation equity, accepting subsidies from both government and private sources. Metropia's Mobility Wallet meets this goal by including the ability of governments, private companies, and other entities to add funds to an account. For example, an employer who partners with Metropia to promote transit or carpooling among their employees may add funds to a user’s Mobility Wallet.

Metropia's Mobility Wallet deployed in the ConnectSmart program

Metropia's Mobility Wallet deployed in the ConnectSmart program

The primary characteristics of Metropia's Mobility Wallet are:

  • Security. Metropia's Mobility Wallet is PCI-compliant and hosted on a secure platform.

  • Coverage. The Mobility Wallet allows for payment options all in one place. Whether the user is purchasing tickets for transit or paying a carpool driver, they can use Mobility Wallet.

  • Ease of use. It is quick and easy for users to set up an account, make their purchases, and use the tickets safely stored in their wallets. Metropia's customer service representatives are available to assist users when necessary.

Collaborations Matter

Together, Metropia's and moovel’s world-class systems will open new doors in urban mobility for those ready to embrace the future. “The time is right for these two industry leaders to work together to deliver the best turn-key solutions to the transit mobility industry. Innovation and commitment to our clients’ success have always been core values of Metropia and moovel; this exciting partnership will definitely help the industry deliver enhanced user experiences and more reliable services offered by both companies,” said Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu, President and CEO of Metropia.


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