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Technology Deep Dive: Decision Support for User Advisory and Guidance Information

At the core of Metropia's user informatics system lies a robust decision support capability that ensures personalized and relevant information is disseminated to users based on the who, when, and how aspects of communication.

  • To determine the "who," the decision support system leverages a comprehensive analysis of both present and historical activity data. By examining user profiles, travel patterns, and preferences, the system identifies the users who are most relevant and likely to benefit from receiving specific information. This personalized approach enables Metropia to deliver targeted alerts, advisories, and guidance to individual users, ensuring they receive the most relevant and valuable information for their specific needs.

  • Regarding the "when," the decision support system relies on incident prediction results to determine the extent of the user base that should be informed about the incident event. By assessing the predicted impact and the user's predicted activities, the system can determine the appropriate timing for disseminating the information. This dynamic approach ensures that users receive timely notifications, allowing them to plan their trips and make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information available.

  • The "how" aspect of the decision support system is facilitated by the Metropia Massive Mobility Management sub-system. This sub-system utilizes advanced algorithms and computation techniques to calculate the best options for users considering various situational factors and constraints they may face. Whether it's suggesting alternate routes, recommending mode shifts, or providing cost-effective strategies, the M4 module helps users make informed decisions that optimize their travel experience. Additionally, if the agency is interested in incentivizing behavior change, the M4 module takes into account user behavior and budget constraints. By analyzing user preferences, trip patterns, and available incentives, the system can determine the most cost-effective strategies to motivate behavior change and encourage desired action.

Metropia’s Decision Support System

Through the collaborative efforts of the decision support system and the M4 module, Metropia ensures that users receive personalized, timely, and actionable information. By tailoring communication to individual users, considering the timing of notifications, and providing intelligent guidance, Metropia enhances the user experience and empowers individuals to make informed choices that improve their mobility outcomes. More details about M4 can be found in the Technology Deep Dive on Dynamic and Personalized Incentives.


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