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Technology Deep Dive: Mobility Options Discovery & Engagement

Metropia’s robust Mobility Options Discovery & Engagement process advances behavior change by helping MaaS platform users discover the appeal of alternative travel options beyond driving, encouraging them to try out different options and ultimately adoptmore sustainable travel behaviors.


The concept of Mobility Options Discovery & Engagement (MODE) within the Metropia MaaS platform aims to uncover the appeal of alternative modes of transportation beyond driving. By leveraging the vast pool of observed activity data from Metropia MaaS platform users, MODE utilizes a composite function that incorporates multiple attributes to assess and evaluate various mode options. This comprehensive evaluation process is conducted for each observed activity, enabling users to make informed decisions about their preferred mode of transportation.

The composite function employed in MODE takes into account a range of factors that contribute to the appeal of different modes. These factors include but are not limited to travel time, cost, environmental impact, convenience, accessibility, and user preferences. By considering these diverse attributes, the MODE algorithm provides a holistic assessment of each mode option's viability and attractiveness.

Through this computation, the Metropia MaaS platform empowers users to explore and discover alternative transportation options that may better suit their needs and preferences. By highlighting the advantages and trade-offs of each mode option, MODE enables users to make well-informed choices that align with their individual requirements, whether it be shifting their route or departure times or opting for public transit, biking, walking, carpooling, or other available modes.

The integration of MODE within the Metropia MaaS platform demonstrates the commitment to enhancing user experiences by providing comprehensive insights and recommendations. By leveraging observed activity data and employing a sophisticated evaluation framework, MODE fosters a culture of sustainable and efficient mobility, enabling users to make informed decisions that positively impact their travel choices and contribute to a more connected and sustainable future.

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Through the advanced computation utilized in Mobility Option Discovery & Engagement (MODE) within the Metropia MaaS platform, we not only gain insights into the second and third-best transportation options after driving, but also into their relative attractiveness. This valuable information serves as a powerful tool to fuel various behavior change campaigns aimed at promoting sustainable and efficient mobility choices.

By understanding the relative appeal of alternative modes of transportation, Metropia's MaaS platform can effectively tailor behavior change initiatives to encourage users to adopt more sustainable and convenient transportation options. Armed with the knowledge of which modes are most appealing to users based on their specific attributes, such as travel time, cost, and environmental impact, targeted campaigns can be designed to highlight the benefits and advantages of these modes.

For example, if public transit emerges as a highly attractive option compared to driving, a behavior change campaign can be launched to promote the benefits of using public transportation, such as reduced commuting costs, lower environmental impact, and the opportunity to relax or be productive during the journey. Similarly, if biking or walking ranks high in attractiveness, initiatives can be developed to encourage active modes of transportation by emphasizing health benefits, reduced congestion, and improved air quality.

The ability to quantify the relative attractiveness of different mode options through MODE empowers Metropia's MaaS platform to engage users in meaningful ways. By providing data-driven insights on the appeal of alternative transportation modes, behavior change campaigns can effectively target specific user preferences and motivations, thereby increasing the likelihood of mode shift and promoting sustainable travel behavior.

Ultimately, by leveraging the computational power of MODE and utilizing the information gathered, Metropia's MaaS platform can foster a culture of sustainable transportation choices, encouraging users to make informed decisions that positively impact their lives, the environment, and the overall mobility ecosystem.


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