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Metropia’s Intermodal Trip Planner – Powerful, Versatile, and Uniquely Personalized

Metropia’s Intermodal Trip Planner

Metropia's Intermodal Trip Planner with first/last-mile integration

applied to Houston ConnectSmart

Metropia’s Intermodal Trip Planner is powerful, versatile, and uniquely personalized. The Trip Planner provides customizable mode option functionality based on the client’s needs. To its fullest extent, it includes both trip planning and turn-by-turn driving navigation for the following transportation modes:

  • Drive Alone – Various routes prioritizing congestion avoidance, time savings, or environmental friendliness are available in the driving navigation option.

  • Public Transit – At the core of the intermodal trip planner is a powerful algorithm that rapidly computes numerous schedule-based/demand-responsive services/first-last-mile intermodal route combinations accommodating the user’s schedule and personal preference. The entire public transit module is GTFS family compatible (-RT, -FLEX, -Fare V2), ensuring open data format compliance and high interoperability.

  • Cycling – The cycling module provides route planning and door-to-door navigation, whether riding your own bike or utilizing a shared bike as part of a larger intermodal route. The share-bike route is sensitive to bikeshare stations and availability based on real-time data. If safety and route-comfort data is available for the bike network, the cycling module provides locally and personally customized routes based on comfort scores and user preference.

  • Walking – The walking module provides various sidewalks and trail routes and allows users to save their preferred routes.

  • First/Last-mile integration – There are literally no limits in integrating the first/last-mile mode options. The key to great integration is to recommend options that make sense and are desirable for the users based on their preferences and physical capabilities (such as walking or biking speeds). TNC integration is seamless, thanks to our partnership with nationwide TNC companies. Paying for all the legs of the intermodal journey is enabled via seamless integration with our mobility wallet.

Metropia's Trip Planner is currently deployed in the US to power Houston ConnectSmart and internationally in Taiwan for the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC)'s UMAJI national MaaS platform.

Metropia’s Intermodal Trip Planner

Metropia's Intermodal Trip Planner features a high degree of personalization


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