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Making Cities Smarter, More Connected and Less Congested

Why Metropia?

Metropia’s technology transcends the traditional MaaS by incorporating transportation systems operations, behavior change intervention strategies and ESG reporting.

Our Solutions

Solving traffic congestion takes more than simply building new capacity and investing in costly new infrastructure projects. Our integrated tools and innovative technologies allow transportation agencies, cities, and businesses to discover and seize fresh opportunities to connect people and network infrastructure, improve congestion, reduce emissions and create safer, more efficient mobility your transportation systems with our Total Mobility framework solutions.

The future of mobility is evolving. Rapidly. Reimagine your mobility operational goals with our turnkey Mobility as a Service solution. Place our co-branded or white label application directly into the palms of your traveling public, commuters and visitors. 

Customized and personalized intermodal and Multimodal trip planner.
Real-time traffic, transit information and incident alerts.
Innovative Mobility Wallet.
ADA compliant.
Nationwide White Label GoEZY app.
An illustration for the navigation app.
An illustration demonstrating a service that enables dispatchers to manage cross-platform integration efficiently.

Industry Leading Technology Solutions

The transportation industry is preparing for a more connected, sustainable and equitable mobility future.  Our technology serves as a catalyst for delivering smart solutions, emerging practices and critical expertise across the major players within the transportation industry.

Featured Projects


Clients & Partners

We are excited about our partnership with Metropia. It positions our companies to align with the future of transit technology where there is a convergence between complex fare collection ticketing solutions and MaaS as well as with on-board systems that Strategic Mapping provides for vehicles. Our view is that great achievement in business is never done by a single company but through collaboration by best-in-class firms aligned with a shared vision to make transit a better experience for all. We look forward to bringing the value of this partnership to our clients to drive the future of mobility.

Bram Granovsky

President & CEO of moovel and Strategic Mapping

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