Only Metropia uses next-generation traffic prediction, empowering you to make informed driving decisions that work for your busy schedule.
We don’t only give you the best routes to take, we give you the best times to travel.

» Get a powerful look at the day’s traffic before it begins
» Reserve trips in advance to get traffic alerts & updates

Metropia incentivizes and rewards you for making responsible driving decisions. Earn maximum rewards for using our traffic-free routes and choosing less-congested times to commute.

You can redeem your reward points for:
» Gift cards to your favorite stores & restaurants
» Free passes to special events and activities
» Planting a tree with American Forests
Avoiding traffic is its own reward (but we’re throwing in others just for fun)
We have already started solving traffic in Austin, Tucson New York and El Paso, and we’re quickly picking up speed. Our next stops are Los Angeles and Houston, with several other cities on our map for 2016!
Solving traffic congestion takes a community effort.

The Metropia Ecosystem allows for all members of the community—businesses, transportation agencies, citizens, employers, and nonprofits — to work together under one platform so that everyone benefits.
When communities work together to solve traffic, everyone wins!
Driving a better city - Drive smarter, get rewarded.


Lock down more accurate travel times
for commuting in your city.


Metropia predicts better routes and times by considering your city’s mobility patterns.
Community partners reward you for leaving outside of peak hours or taking a less congested route.
Reserve your trip ahead of time and be notified of changes on your route before you get
in the car and throughout your drive.
Empower your workforce and engage 
your clientele, all while solving your city's traffic problem.

Whether you’re looking to reduce employee stress, increase timeliness, or add a powerful tool
to your flextime program, Metropia is your ideal workforce solution.

Is your restaurant, retail store, or venue searching for a new mobile marketing platform?
Help improve the city’s commerce and your own by targeting customers with exclusive offers and rewards.
Be certain that transportation planning for
your city is secure, accurate,
and without unnecessary congestion.
Understand the hidden traffic dynamics and patterns for your city.

Formulate behavior and data driven solutions for managing mobility. Improve your city for everyone!

Prioritize and evaluate strategies to accommodate day-to-day
demand and increase system mobility and reliability with Metropia’s insight.