Personal Mobility Management

Metropia's advanced platform allows travelers to discover and engage mobility options that optimize their travel and enhance their city’s sustainability.

Transportation Systems Management

Using proprietary algorithms and data analytics, Metropia's Synergy platform provides a framework for agencies to collaborate, actively manage demand and enhance and monitor the transportation systems' performance.

Bridging Transportation Systems and Personal Mobility Behavior

Though transportation agencies have traditionally approached Transportation System Management (TSMO) and Active Demand Management (ADM) as separate challenges, Metropia connects these two transportation concepts through a single, unified platform. 

Metropia helps agencies disperse demand spatially and temporally by providing real-time and predictive multimodal travel time, cost, and reliability information to travelers and influencing personal mobility behaviors towards mobility options more efficient than driving during peak traffic or alone.

Through shared mobility data and advanced urban analytics capabilities, Metropia enables transportation agencies to enhance TSMO effectiveness and efficiency through safety and system performance improvements while also significantly reducing congestion.

Metropia bridges TSMO with ADM to help agencies:

  • Introduce alternative mobility options to commuters
  • Proactively manage and influence traffic networks
  • Better utilize corridor/system capacities
  • Improve operational planning decisions
  • Optimize special event traffic management