We are a group of transportation engineers, network modelers and data scientists, all with solid academic backgrounds, practical experience, and a passion for solving urban traffic congestion problems with creative, cutting-edge solutions.


About Us

Metropia Inc.

Metropia’s mission is simple: to make cities better places to live

What we do

We develop and integrate high-performance and mobile computing technologies to produce apps and backend analytics capabilities that help both users (commuters) and entire systems (cities) during normal operations, pre-planned special events, or unexpected, extraordinary circumstances.

What we do

We apply science and theory in traffic flow, network modeling, and behavioral economics, combining these with mobile computing and location-based interactions. All of this is done in an effort to provide real-time personalized communication to roadway users and system administrators. We provide the best strategies for users to avoid traffic congestion, and for system administrators to both provide multi-modal opportunities and to respond to incidents effectively.

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