Using the Synergy platform real-world and fused travel behavior data and urban analytic capabilities, Metropia enhances agencies abilities to apply big data insights to concepts such as Transportation Systems Management Operations (TSMO), Active Demand Management (ADM) and multi-modal demand / mobility management strategies – to directly improve roadway safety, achieve system performance improvements, and enable real-time operational intervention.

In a single platform, Metropia enables transportation system monitoring and management in real-time conditions – using traveler patterns, network mobility and reliability data – as shown in the following:


  • Highly detailed traveler mobility behavior profiles can inform the development of personalized traveler information and behavioral economics, travel demand and other TSMO strategies in real-time with high context and location-specific information in order to influence travel behaviors and mode choice.
  • Large quantity data sharing among regional agencies and Transportation Management Centers can enhance TSMO effectiveness and directly achieve safety, system performance improvements, and enable real-time operational interventions
  • Fused and multi-sourced data supports and supplement transportation models and scenario analysis.

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