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Data doesn't Live on a Spreadsheet; it Dies There

Bring your data to life through enhanced analytics and visualization tools


Transportation System Analytics

Transportation System Analytics

It's time to demand more from your data

Transportation planning and decision making processes are only as good as the data they’re built on. However, the ever-evolving complexities of networks and the often significant delays between data collection, analysis, and planning often result in the evaluation of outdated and inaccurate information by the time it’s finally considered. Add to that the limited scope of many data collection initiatives and many agencies struggle to get a full, robust picture of their network and operations. Through partnership with Metropia, however, agencies unleash the potential of dynamic data and put their collection and analysis initiatives in the fast lane.

The Complete Package

Transportaton System Analytics

Lags in data collection and processing don’t simply delay planning projects, they also hamper real-time performance evaluations and demand management. Through Metropia’s fully integrated technology platforms, your agency benefits from the speed and power of our systems

working in tandem from the first bit of data collected through the completed analysis. Our expertise in collection, analytics, and modeling deliver superior results while saving your agency time and money.

The Power of Integration

The seamless integration of Metropia’s platforms gives your agency a greater breadth of data and enhances that data’s utility. From the first bit of data collected to the final analysis, your agency works directly with one organization, Metropia, to reach its goal. Eliminating middlemen and red tape creates a streamlined experience, and as our many tools and platforms were designed from the ground up to work in concert with one another, a great reduction in incomplete or incompatible data.

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Transportation System Management & Operations

Real-Time Management and Operations

Probe data collected from travelers using our app can be dynamically analyzed and funneled into customized dashboards to enable real-time system observations. Origin-destination patterns, current delays and travel time indexes along selected corridors give immediate insight into live operations. Longitudinal analyses can pinpoint running departure time distributions, peak congestion hours, and more.

Additionally, that probe data can be married with traveler demographic and behavior data gathered through in-app engagement and surveys which allow for more thorough analysis and studies, compounding the value of both data sets.

Large Scale Modeling and Evaluations

Operational and development projects hinge on the expertise of engineers and the sophistication of the tools at their disposal. Not only do Metropia’s engineers use the most advanced software available, our developers created it. DynusT, the leader in Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) software, was developed by Metropia’s founder and CEO, Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu. Our track record of international projects span Active Demand Management strategies, major construction, disaster preparation planning, and more.

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