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Optimize every facet of service from routes to ridership with one powerful platform

Transit Hailing


Transit Hailing

Make vast system optimizations through backend and rider-facing technologies

Transit Hailing pairs the convenience and innovation of ridesharing services with the efficiency and community benefit of public transit, adding custom mobility options that work in concert with other services to increase ridership while optimizing the transportation network.

Transit Hailing’s unique, fluid approach allows agencies and fleet operators to provide a higher level of service to passengers while maximizing fleet efficiency. Key to that efficiency are the two classifications and responses to service requests: Priority and Same Day reservations.

Priority reservations are booked in advance no later than the evening prior to service. Those Priority reservations are run through Metropia’s algorithms to determine the number of vehicles and types of vehicles (e.g. sedan, van, or wheelchair accessible vehicles) as well as shift durations needed to efficiently meet scheduled demand. Driver schedules and routes are then dynamically adjusted to meet origin-destination and departure times with the goal of pairing passengers into carpools for increased efficiency. Priority reservations effectively serve as the “hailing” component of Transit Hailing, where Priority service demand determines the supply of vehicles, itinerary, and routes for the day ahead.

As the name implies, Same Day reservations are requests for service placed after the driver schedules and routes have been established by Priority reservations. With the supply of vehicles, routes, and shifts already established, the service more closely mirrors a traditional transit system. But Transit Hailing differs in that it maintains flexibility to accommodate Same Day requests for service during times when vehicles have spare capacity and doing so will not impair service levels of pre-scheduled and Priority trips.

Increasing Transportation Fleet Occupancy

As Priority demand increases, the Transit Hailing system may determine convenient, central pick-up and drop-off locations for carpool companions, along with optimal service times. By accommodating trips in this fashion, the system is able to balance service levels with optimized network utilization to reduce costs.

Several ride's app screenshots are illustrated below. Note that the rider can specify the earliest pick up or latest drop off time during the request. 

Transit Hailing passenger app

Several driver's app screenshots are illustrated below. Note that the driver has the complete manifest listed in the app. 

Transit Hailing driver app
Transit Hailing driver app
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