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Convenient App-Based Trip Booking

Passengers can book reservations in advance or in real time with an easy-to-use iOS or Android app that includes the ability to schedule return and recurring trips. Special needs (i.e., wheelchair accessible) can be requested with a simple click when making a reservation. For passengers without access to an app or the web, patrons can simply call in and have system administrators easily input a trip request into the system.

POI Search for Your Address

The starting point in making a reservation is defining the origination and destination of the trip. A user can define a pick-up point as their current location (GPS calculated), a street address, or a Point-of-Interest (POI). The passenger can also define their own POIs for common destinations (ie., Home, Dentist, Barber, etc.) and can select them from a pick-list in the app.

Special Demand - Vehicle Specifications

The app can be customized to reflect the available vehicle configurations provided by the fleet operator. These options are then presented to the passenger in an easy to navigate menu where the passenger simply ‘clicks’ on the required options (Wheelchair Accessible, Oxygen, etc.). The app will remember a passenger’s requirements so that they don’t have to select for every trip.


Recurring Trips

The app then informs the passenger either the arrival time or departure time based on their respective depart/arrival time based on prevailing transit time. The passenger can also define whether the trip is recurring (ie, every Monday) and whether a return ride is necessary.

Dispatcher Manual Reservation Entry

We have a web dashboard for agents in the call center to help passengers to enter the reservation requirements.

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