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Easily Integrate with Existing Systems

Metropia’s Transit Hailing platform has been designed to easily be integrated into existing systems that you already own either in real-time data exchange or end of day/month data uploads.

Open Architecture

The open architecture of the Transit Hailing platform provides any TSP the capability to operate its demand response services as well as integrate service partners that can support the services such as paratransit in the SaaS solutions. Other transportation services can also be integrated based on the availability of open APIs for the integration. As mentioned above, where a service provider supporting TSP transit services is not connected technologically, the Transit Hailing platform can provide the entire operational suite to ensure that seamless connectivity is guaranteed with a TSP.

System Integration_2.png

Open API

We are flexible to integrate with your internal software system through customized RESTful APIs so the data exchange can be real-time and always on-sync.

System Integration_3.png

See Metropia in Action

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