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Increase Your Fleet Utilization

Metropia’s Transit Hailing platform enables you to manage your paratransit,microtransit, and demand response transit services within a single system and enables comingling of service types to optimize vehicle and driver utilization while also reducing vehicle miles traveled. All this while using rules-based algorithms that preserve ridership pick-up and drop-off time requirements.

Convenient App-Based Trip Booking

Passengers can book reservations in advance or on the spot with a simple-to-use iOS or Android app including return trips and recurring trips. Special needs (i.e., wheelchair accessible) can be requested with a simple click when making a reservation. For passengers without access to an app or the web, patrons can simply call in and have system administrators easily input a trip request into the system.

App Keeps Passenger Aware of Trip Status

Special in-app messaging keeps passengers up-to-date on their trip status and also allows for direct driver/passenger communication via text or voice. Passengers can also see on an in-app map where their ride is and the estimated time of arrival.

Automated Daily Manifest Generation

The platform automatically generates a daily manifest matching drivers with riders (and specialized vehicle requirements) with optimized routes. As real-time trip requests are received, they are feathered in to not disrupt required arrival times for existing reservations.

Extensive Payment Types Supported

The platform supports a broad range of payment types from on-file credit cards, vouchers, centralized billings, and can support differing fare levels based on agency-defined criteria.

Flexible Reporting

The platform provides an out of the box solution with predefined reports. The platform also comes with an easy-to-use ad-hoc reporting system where reports can be formatted for specific needs or have data exported into other data analytics or service management systems.

Easily Integrate with Existing Systems

Metropia’s Transit Hailing platform has been designed to easily be integrated into existing systems that you already own either in real-time data exchange or end-of-the-day/month data uploads.

See Metropia in Action

Connect for a live demonstration with a team of experts to see how Metropia can help with your needs.


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