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Increase Your Fleet Utilization

Metropia’s Transit Hailing platform enables you to manage your paratransit, microtransit, and demand response transit services within a single system and enables comingling of service types to optimize vehicle and driver utilization while also reducing miles traveled. All this while using rules-based algorithms that preserve ridership pick-up and drop-off time requirements.

Route Optimization

The foundation of Metropia’s Transit Hailing platform is a route optimization engine that considers time, location, vehicle capacity, and prevailing traffic conditions to produce the most efficient routing solutions. The resulting fleet-wide manifest results in a substantial travel cost reduction without compromising the service levels.

Dispatch Efficiently

If you need to make changes or re-optimize the fleet’s routing (such as a vehicle or driver is unavailable), our optimization engine can update a fleets’ manifest in real-time so existing reservations remain intact. This is all achieved from the intuitive web dashboard.


The dispatch processes are automatic, on-demand and hot-shot assignments can be recalculated on-the-fly with Metropia's auto-dispatch engine. Reduce service time and labor costs by sending the right driver at the right time.

See Metropia in Action

Connect for a live demonstration with a team of experts to see how Metropia can help with your needs.


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