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Automated Daily Manifest Generation

The platform automatically generates a daily manifest matching drivers with riders (and specialized vehicle requirements) with optimized routes. As real-time trip requests are received, they are feathered in to not disrupt required arrival times for existing reservations.

Daily Manifest_2.png

Driver App Mission Detail

The Driver App is a driver’s portal to both upcoming and past Missions or trips detailing pickup time, origination, and destination. By clicking on a specific Mission, the driver can see who the passenger is, payment method, and any special needs.

Driver App Upcoming Mission

The driver can click on the title of a mission to view the mission details. Mission information is immediately updated when the manifest (a new mission assigned or removed) or the mission status is changed.

Daily Manifest_3.png

Automated Reservation Management

When a passenger makes a reservation, the platform queries fleet availability to match the driver/vehicle to the requested trip. If there is no availability, the platform will provide the passenger with alternatives most closely matching their original request. Upon accepting the alternative, the fleet Manifest and driver Mission is updated to reflect the change.

Daily Manifest_4.png

Passenger App Mission Detail

The trip details can be seen when the user taps on the trip details. The page is automatically updated when trip details are changed.

Daily Manifest_5.png

Fleet Mission Dashboard

The Mission Dashboard is one of the primary user interfaces for the dispatch/administrator. It reflects all current missions that have been scheduled for the fleet. The dispatcher can sort on virtually any variable and also edit in real-time scheduled trips. Additionally, it is from this screen that a dispatcher can add new missions and let the platform automatically assign the vehicle/driver or they can assign they can override as needs require.

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