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Meet the Executive Team

Meet the Team


A Professor of transportation system engineering, Yi-Chang is a renowned researcher and innovator in the area of intelligent transportation systems and behavioral economics-based active demand management.

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We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Mr. Victor M. Mendez, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation, to Metropia’s Advisory Board. Victor will advise Metropia leadership about product visioning and solution execution. 

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Since taking the role of COO in 2017, Corey has focused on diversifying revenue streams, building its new product family and preparing the company for hyper growth in 2019.

For more than 30 years, Vassilis has engaged in pioneering projects at the local, regional, and national level and leads Metropia’s vision of bridging ADM and TSMO strategies.

Yi-Chang Chiu, PhD

Founder and CEO

Victor M. Mendez


Corey Smith


Vassilis Papayannoulis, PhD

Vice President

With a long experience in multi-lateral projects and mobility, Danny works to build and maintain healthy partnerships with regional stakeholders to ensure successful market deployment and sustained operation of Metropia’s mobility solutions.

Jeff leads the talented team of modelers and software developers to envision mobility systems. His expertise helped develop and bring to market the Transit Hailing product line.

With over 18 years experience in the software industry, Henry currently leads the software development team to support the agile development of various Metropia products and services.

Since Metropia's inception, Yamei has served at the helm of the company's HR and finances.

Danny Silva

Director of Mobility Partnerships

Jeff Lin

Director of Mobility Systems

Henry Wang

Director of Software Development

VP of Taiwan Branch Office

Yamei Chang

Director of Admin and Finance

A 13-year career in the transportation industry aids Chris in delivering Metropia’s products to the public and helping users improve their daily lives through our app’s valuable features.

Chris Colemon

Director of Marketing and Product Communication

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