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We have developed the exciting new ConnectSmart transportation app exclusively for the Greater Houston Area to improve your travel throughout the region. New features include personalized suggestions tailored to improve your routine trips, trip planning and navigation for many modes including driving, public transit, bikeshares (and more), the ability to purchase and use digital bus and light rail tickets, and private carpooling groups that help you easily share a ride with people you know and trust. Ahead of the app’s official launch this summer, we are looking for beta testers to try out the app and help us improve it before its public debut.

Testing is expected to last 2 weeks starting NOW and only a limited people will be selected from the region, so don’t delay! Those selected will be provided with specific features to test out based on their particular travel patterns and preferences. After completing 2 weeks of testing and providing feedback on their experiences through surveys, beta testers will receive $20 in appreciate of their contribution to the program. Sign up now to get in on the ground floor and help shape the future of travel in the Greater Houston Area!

☐  I'm interested in trying out the app, but don't wish to    

    complete beta testing tasks or earning $20 for my time