Watch Metropia’s custom features and analytics drive a better city and solve complex transportation problems in the real world.

Social carpooling optimizes parking and networking for Roads & Streets conference attendees

The 2016 Roads and Streets conference brought together over 400 transportation industry professionals dedicated improving mobility throughout Arizona and beyond. This video shows how Metropia’s customized social carpooling solution helped attendees conveniently share rides and earn parking perks while reducing congestion at conference venues.

Dynamic parking integration helps University of Arizona football fans make it to kick off

Like many live sporting events, University of Arizona home football games bring serious congestion around campus as fans search for parking. For the 2016 season, Metropia partnered with UA Athletics and Parking & Transportation Services to deliver real-time available parking options to fans before they left for the stadium, reducing fans’ frustration and the need to circle the streets upon arrival. Additionally, fans who used Metropia’s DUO mode to carpool with 2 or more passengers were rewarded with free parking for further reducing game day traffic.

Metropia Overview

In one complete platform, the Metropia mobile application is helping drivers make better mobility decisions that optimize use of existing roadway capacity and alternative commute modes. Metropia is incentivizing drivers to make incremental, yet lasting, changes to their mobility behaviors and patterns--one trip at a time.

Solving traffic congestion through cooperation and reward: Yi-Chang Chiu at TEDxTucson

In November of 2013, Metropia’s founder Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu was invited to present at TEDxTucson on the genesis of the Metropia platform and its innovative approach to solving traffic congestion by incentivizing drivers to change their behavior and make more responsible commuting decisions.

DUO Social Carpooling

Metropia’s DUO feature streamlines and incentivizes social carpooling. DUO reduces the in-app pairing process to a single tap on the passenger’s smartphone, making it possible for commuters to instantly begin their trip without exchanging contact information or searching through profiles. DUO’s engaging variable rewards program employs gamification elements to encourage frequent, ongoing use.

Metropia and the Tucson Festival of Books

The annual Tucson Festival of Books draws nearly 140,000 visitors to the University of Arizona over a two-day period. Seeking an advanced solution to traffic management for the 2016 Festival, the University of Arizona and event organizers worked with Metropia to ease congestion levels by encouraging carpooling to the event and assisting drivers in navigating campus and reaching the specially designated parking lots.