Metropia’s Mobility Options Discovery and Engagement (MODE) solution reduces the barriers to using public transportation and eliminates the need for users to research mobility options entirely.

By developing and analyzing a driver’s travel behavior—origins and destinations, preferred travel times, multi-stop trips, and more—and identifying alternative modes of travel that closely align with their individual needs, Metropia’s MODE solution allows drivers to effortlessly discover convenient, customized alternatives to driving alone.

While discovery is a critical first step to considering alternative modes, ongoing engagement strategies are necessary to build new habits and lasting behavior change. Metropia utilizes behavioral economics tools to incentivize drivers to make positive changes in their commuting habits. Shifting departure times to avoid peak-congestion, taking freer-flowing routes, and taking an alternative mode like carpooling rather than driving alone all earn intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, including points that can be redeemed for gift cards, savings in travel times, and the reduction of CO2 gases in their community.

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