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Use Smarter, Dynamic Fleets to Optimize your Transit System

Integrate efficient routing, customer engagement, mobile payments, and first-and-last mile solutions in one powerful platform


MOD & MaaS Fleet and Network Optimization

MOD & MaaS Fleet and Network Optimization

Leverage our complete-trip platform to drive transit adoption and balance demand

As a transportation agency, operational inefficiency is your biggest obstacle to overcome. While shifts in population densities, first & last mile challenges, competing services, and more have contributed to an overall decline in transit efficiency, they also present the perfect opportunity to revisit operations with the latest technologies in mind. Most solutions on the market address vehicle routing and scheduling, passenger demand, and network capacity independently and at the vehicle level, failing to view and optimize the network as a whole.

But by using Metropia’s Transit Hailing platform, agencies introduce a new dynamic, leveraging fleet optimization, routing efficiency, customer engagement, mobile payments, and first-and-last mile solutions to meet Mobility as a Service and Mobility on Demand objectives.

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Supporting Technologies 

Fixing the Fixed Route Model

Demand Responsive Transportation Service

Metropia’s Transit-Hailing platform pairs the convenience and innovation of ridesharing services with the efficiency and objectives of public transit. Transit Hailing can be used to supplement or replace an existing fixed-route line with a more efficient demand

responsive transportation service (DRTS). Areas without substantial ridership can see an increase in service at lower operational costs.

Whereas most dispatching software handles trip assignments in isolation, Transit-Hailing analyzes the entire manifest of historical and pre-scheduled trips, assigning trips to drivers along the most efficient routes to reduce downtime and unpaid miles. Services with a substantial book of pre-scheduled trips, such as Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services, can see an increase of more than 20% in vehicle utilization. New incoming trips are dynamically assigned to vehicles based on their planned routes, but that’s only the beginning.

Vehicles executing on a Transit Hailing manifest (prearranged trips) are dynamically rerouted to accommodate real-time ‘hails’ that that won’t interfere with scheduled deliveries.  By pairing real-time and scheduled trip passengers together, utilization levels are significantly enhanced. For even greater efficiency, individual passengers can be directed to a convenient centralized pickup location (rally point) within a brief walk from their current locations, preserving the most optimal route for the vehicle with minimal effort required of passengers.

Moblity as a Service

Special Cases are Our Specialty

Transit-Hailing is designed to accommodate all fleet dynamics and requirements and can parse vehicle capabilities and driver specializations in support of cases such as transporting school children and special needs passengers such as NEMT or wheelchair accessible service, allowing for a seamless integration of our platform and your operation.

Bridging the First & Last Mile Divide

Research has shown that transit ridership reduces in the United States as passengers are forced to walk longer distances to or from transit stations. Unfortunately, due to mobility impairments, this means that many of the groups most in need of transit services have the greatest difficulty in utilizing it.

Transit-Hailing can bridge the divide between public and private services, enabling any provider in the region to serve as your first-and-last mile solution. Users of Metropia’s GoEzy app are able to schedule and pay for a trip on one of your transit lines and seamlessly order a private transportation service to take them to and from those stations all without leaving the app. Our dynamic carpooling feature provides another convenient mode choice to connect with transit stops, as do modes such as biking and walking navigation for those who are willing and able to use those options.

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