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Increase access to and usability of your data through smarter storage




Data Hub

Data doesn’t live on a spreadsheet; it dies there. Despite the wealth of data available to agencies today, little of it is leveraged to its maximum potential due to a lack of connectivity, normalization, and application. TOTAL MOBILITY’s data hub, GALAXY, solves those issues by refining, storing, and disseminating high-quality data which can be universally applied to your projects.

GALAXY was designed as an agile, flexible and cost-effective platform where the data acquired through Metropia’s many platforms is combined and normalized with metro-wide data from multiple sources, then streamlined and standardized in how it is processed, stored and disseminated. GALAXY is more than a data warehouse -- it’s a data workhorse.

Transportation Data Hub

GALAXY’s data optimization begins with collecting data from a wide array of sources. In addition to historical trending data and data captured through ASSESS, GALAXY’s open API allows for the import/export or 3rd party data sources. This collection of data is normalized into a format where it can function together as one cohesive data set.

From there, GALAXY’s algorithms perform critical cross-correlation data analysis for comparison and validation, eliminate data duplication and provide a real-time and historical depository. In addition, GALAXY is capable of interfacing with other agency supported data hubs to facilitate data exchange in support of smart signal operation, real-time operations monitoring, Decision Support Systems (DSS), traveler information, modeling, planning and policy analysis.

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