The following featured projects highlight the Metropia app’s ability to influence positive shifts in commuting behavior through incentives and rewards, gamification, and information.

Influencing Travel Time Departure

The Metropia app empowers drivers to make informed travel decisions regarding what time to leave and what route to take in order to avoid traffic on their commutes. By planning trips in advance, users can clearly see how shifting their departure time in 15-minute increments can yield big savings in travel times.

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Influencing Mode Choice: DUO Social Carpooling

Single Occupancy Vehicles are a significant contributor to traffic congestion, particularly during rush hour. According to the American Community Survey, just over 9% of commuters carpool to work . Filling just one of those empty seats takes a car off the road, reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled and contributing to freer flowing traffic. Despite the many benefits, carpooling participation in the United States has actually declined in recent years.

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Austin Don’t Rush—Using Incentives to Encourage Drivers to Flex their Commutes

In an effort to meet the rapidly growing demand on its roads, the City of Austin is exploring new approaches to relieving congestion and maximizing use of its existing resources. On May 11, 2016, City of Austin Mayor Steve Adler challenged commuters to rethink their daily commutes and consider the simplicity of avoiding peak traffic times and carpooling when their schedule permitted. His appeal to commuters—named “Austin Don’t Rush”-- was simply to find a way to work which avoided morning and evening rush hour as well as driving alone.

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