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Turn data points into action items through better analyzation and visualization tools




Data Mining & Visualization Platform

Whether monitoring real-time corridor performance or analyzing longitudinal congestion patterns, the evaluation process hinges on the clear, discernible presentation of data. ASSESS not only serves as TOTAL MOBILITY’s data mining platform, it’s also where that data comes alive through our visualization tools and templates.

ASSESS‘s set of tools and templates serve as the primary data mining, analyzing and visualization tool for our Dynamic Traffic Assignment software’s system-level benefit evaluations. Through Metropia’s intermodal trip planning app and additional user engagement efforts, ASSESS is able to probe data such as detailed positioning, trajectory, velocity, O-D pairings, and acceleration and deceleration information.

Transportation Data Mining and Visualization

That anonymized data can be stored in our advanced data hub and later analyzed by ASSESS to discover patterns hidden beneath vast volume of data, such as origination/destination patterns, trip purpose inference, construction zone analysis, congestion level & incident duration, and temporal distribution of speeds on freeways.

ASSESS has been utilized in all of Metropia’s markets to support the decision-making process for a variety of clients and is customizable to meet the specific needs of your projects. Agencies can also benefit from real-time applications of ASSESS to monitor operations along selected corridor segments, including departure time distribution and reliability metrics such as travel time index. Agency dashboards can be customized to monitor operations from system-wide to corridor-specific.

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