Metropia’s mission is to make cities better places to live. Current mobility solutions include: Metropia Mobile® - the app system that incentivizes commuters to choose departure times, routes, and modes that help reduce and eliminate traffic congestion. Metropia Synergy - the behaviorally-effective, active demand management and data analytics platform that achieves congestion mitigation via a social rewards-based ecosystem. Metropia Dynamics® - the back-end server system that coordinates Metropia Mobile, Agency and Corporate Solutions. Metropia Dynamics is capable of receiving real-time traffic information from multiple sources and predicting traffic conditions, calculating routes and essentially managing all of the subsystem processes to support the front-end services.

Who we are

We are a group of transportation engineers, network modelers and data scientists, all with solid academic backgrounds, practical experience, and a passion for solving urban traffic congestion problems with creative, cutting-edge solutions.

What we do

We develop and integrate high-performance and mobile computing technologies to produce apps and backend analytics capabilities that help both users (commuters) and entire systems (cities) during normal operations, pre-planned special events, or unexpected, extraordinary circumstances.

How we do it

We apply science and theory in traffic flow, network modeling, and behavioral economics, combining these with mobile computing and location-based interactions. All of this is done in an effort to provide real-time personalized communication to roadway users and system administrators. We provide the best strategies for users to avoid traffic congestion, and for system administrators to both provide multi-modal opportunities and to respond to incidents effectively.

Why we exist

We want to promote a new way of solving the urban traffic congestion problem. Traffic is not caused by others, but in fact ourselves - roadway users, transportation operators and administrators – who are all part of the problem, and thus should be part of the solution. Only when we collaborate together will we be able to reduce congestion in a cost-effective way and make our city a better place to live.