AUSTIN, Texas -- Metropia’s Vice President of Ecosystem Partnerships, Mia Zmud, was formally recognized last week on behalf of Metropia for the Women’s Transportation Seminar 2015 Heart of Texas Chapter Innovative Transportation Solutions Award.

Zmud accepted the award during the 12th annual WTS Heart of Texas Chapter Transportation Gala and Scholarship Fundraiser held February 12th. Together with the Heart of Texas Chapter’s award, Metropia has been nominated for the international WTS Innovative Transportation Solutions Award.

The Metropia App was selected by WTS members who recognized Metropia’s “leadership and innovation in improving the quality of life for transportation users and Austin’s overall community.”

Metropia leverages timely and relevant app...

Feb. 2, 2016 - Tucson, Arizona  Metropia, Inc., in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), was awarded a lead role in developing an architecture that incentivizes drivers to improve their commuting behavior through more energy-efficient  choices.

This effort, funded by the TRANSNET program, a national initiative by the Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), selected five high-potential, ground-breaking technologies to revolutionize the energy efficiency of the transportation sector. The other selected teams are Palo Alto Research Center, Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Maryland at College Park.

NREL is partnering with Metropia to leverage their urban analytics platform including...

Metropia to Sponsor Largest Hackathon in the Southwest – Hack Arizona

More than 800 student participants from universities all over the nation will rally in UA’s Science and Engineering Library this weekend (January 22nd to 24th) to “hack” various projects crafted to benefit health, sustainability, and the Tucson community. The annual event, known as Hack Arizona, is a recognized talent pipeline where university students of all technology applications and experience levels can find one another and work with mentors to complete projects they develop themselves.

The hackathon was first held last year in the Science and Engineering Library after the University and Innovate UA teamed up and arranged for it in an effort to challenge and support tech-minded students.

Local traffic solution creator, Metropia Inc., will be...

With 2015 coming quickly to a close, Metropia's staff couldn't see the year end without thanking the many people who make our startup possible. That's why we're throwing a Gratitude Party this week.

We've invited our awesome neighbors, our loyal users, our dear partners, and our beloved community members to join us for some Pinup Pastries' cupcakes and other delicious refreshments. The festivities will take place this Friday, December 11, starting at 3:00 p.m. in the Metropia office, 1790 E. River Road #140, Tucson, AZ, 86718.

Gratitude is a concept that gets thrown around a lot in our culture. The idea of being thankful for what we have and of giving thanks is one that many people seek to cultivate in a society that has long been seen as greedy and consumptive.

As a startup that seeks to...

APA Planning Conference Arizona 2015 Metropia Traffic

Finding ways of “Embracing Change” is going to be on everyone’s mind at the American Planning Association Arizona Conference this coming weekend, Nov. 4 through Nov. 6, in Tucson. The association is made up of community leaders and certified planners who work to improve the places where they live.

The conference, which provides certification maintenance credits for association members who wish to keep up their planning credentials, is focused this year on addressing ways of making change possible in communities while at the same time preserving their history and maintaining the things about them that presently work well. Since it is taking place in Tucson, the conference will explore how the town has revamped its greater downtown area over the past decade—which includes the...

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) is starting a pilot program called “Drive Smart,” which uses technology innovations to help drivers save money, save time, and drive more safely. DOT is seeking 400 qualified drivers to join the pilot program. Drivers will receive a custom On Board Diagnostic Device (OBD-II) from DOT. Once connected, the device will collect and transmit data from a car’s on board computer directly to the driver’s smartphone and to the Drive Smart secure cloud server, where it will be used to provide a range of services back to the driver free of charge. Applicants can apply at

“The ‘Drive Smart’ technology pilot will help drivers save money and drive more safely, and...

Austin Flooding ATXFloods Mobile App

Metropia wants to keep Central Texas drivers safe, which is why it has integrated with ATXfloods to provide its mobile app users with updates on low water crossings across Central Texas.

According to the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department, about 75 percent of flood fatalities occur in vehicles. By implementing the ATXfloods application programming interface (API), app users will have access to the latest low water crossing updates to help them avoid flooded roads.

“We want drivers to be safe at all times. By implementing the ATXfloods’ API, Metropia app users not only receive critical road closure...

Win exclusive upgraded passes to Blues on the Green! (Austin)

Metropia is excited to be an official sponsor of the KGSR Blues on the Green concert series! They hooked us up with some exclusive upgrades to the full Hospitality Experience—including free food & drinks!!!—and since we never ride alone we want to bring you along.

Registering to win couldn’t be easier: just keep doing what you’re doing! Check Twitter and Facebook for additional chances to win. And be sure to swing by our booth while you’re there! We’ll be handing out some great Metropia freebees all day.

Sunday, May 17th to Thursday, May 25th, 2015 | Atlantic City, N.J.

Metropia team members Robert Tung, Mia Zmud, and Vassilis Papayannoulis, will be presenting the Metropia App and the technology that facilitates it at the National Transportation Planning Applications Conference this week in New Jersey. Work co-authored by Metropia founder, Yi-Chang Chiu, will also be presented during the conference. The team will focus in particular on Data Collection & Management, GPS Trajectories, Data Visualization, and Trip Based Modeling during their several separate presentations.

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) envisions the conference as a “constructive forum for the exchange of transportation...

Congratulations! Austin & Tucson plant 200 trees for #EarthWeek


Last week we sent out the #EarthWeek Challenge and the cities of Austin and Tucson responded! By using the Metropia app to save time on five or more commutes last week, our users helped us reach our goals of planting 100 additional trees per city through our partnership with American Forests.

To date, Austin’s Metropia users have offset 9,335 pounds of CO2, saved 307 hours (18,419 minutes) on their commute, and redeemed 230 rewards. Austinites also helped us exceed our 100 tree goal for a total of over 175 trees and counting.

Cutting drive times and CO2 with Metropia has also been a great success in Tucson, where users have offset 6,440 pounds of CO2, cut 241 hours (14,454 minutes) of drive time, and redeemed 67 rewards. Though Metropia’s Tucson launch is still underway, our message and goals have clearly resonated with Tucsonans, who have helped us plant 123...