Since the release of our v1.0 Metropia app to Google Play in early January and the App Store in early February we’ve already made great progress in terms of incorporating feedback from our active users. With this knowledge under our belts, we’re heading into v.1.2.0 with excellent updates for Metropians old and new.

Without the excellent input of our many users and their honest survey answers, we wouldn’t be able to consistently improve the Metropia app as we have! Our users play a massive role in creating a better drive with Metropia. Take a glance at the many strong features we’ve added with each new version.Metropia App Version 1.1.0 boasted:

Pre-Trip Alert: notifies users who have reserved a trip with the Metropia app if there is a traffic delay on their trip route that will significantly impact their predicted arrival time

We know that nothing is worse than sitting in traffic realizing that you could’ve left earlier and made it in time if you’d only known the mess that would lie ahead of you. Our Pre-Trip alert makes it so that you know what you’re in for before you even get into your car to travel, so you have time to stay where you’re at or change your travel plans.

En-Route Alert: notifies users driving their reserved trip with the Metropia app if there is a traffic delay on their current trip route that will significantly impact their predicted arrival time

Being suddenly thrown into traffic by an incident ahead with no idea of its size or severity is particularly frustrating, which is why we developed the En-Route Alert to let our users know when an incident is on their reserved trip. Voila! Now you can make a move and make a decision about how best to stay out of traffic!

Incident Display: indicates roadway incidents as icons on user’s city map

If an entire section of your city is going to be undriveable because of a huge music festival or football game, wouldn’t you like to see that obstruction before choosing your destination for the night? While alerts about traffic delays before and during the trip allow users to achieve their goal arrival time with minimal time in traffic, incident display allows our users to see noticeable congestion in their city as they begin to input their travel plans.

New Favorite Icons: more icons for our users’ saved favorite locations

Looks like our users cannot get enough of our Favorites icons! We’ve designed even more Favorites icons for Metropians to choose from. A fried egg icon for your favorite breakfast spot, a monkey icon for the kids favorite park, and so many more!

Battery Life Improvement: longer phone battery life for Metropia app users

Using a navigation app shouldn’t mean accelerated battery drain for your phone! We’ve managed to control excessive battery use while our app is open to keep your phone alive and functioning longer.

Metropia App Version 1.2.0 Now Promises:

Destination Prediction: If a user plan trips to visit the same location from the same starting point, especially at a particular time of day and time of the week, our app takes note and offers the familiar destination on that user’s city map with a green lightbulb icon

Tend to make the same trips during day, but want to avoid inputting the same address over and over? Destination Prediction allows your app to learn your patterns and make your trip reservation faster and easier.

Enhanced Map Quality: map quality has been enhanced to improve user experience, especially in terms of zoom in/zoom out viewing capability

Want to get a closer look at your reserved route? Trying to select a particular saved favorite? We’ve improved our map quality so that moving the city map between different sizes is smoother and clearer for our users!

Bug fixes