Cyclovia Tucson: Spend less time in the car, more outside with Metropia!
Tucson, AZ


Sunday, Apr. 19th, 2015 | 10am - 3pm | Downtown to South Tucson

Join Metropia at Cyclovia Tucson to assist in their week-long Earth Day effort to plant 100 trees! Metropia app users here in Tucson have been improving their commutes and helping the environment by reducing CO2, so Metropia has decided to contribute even more to reforestation efforts. Metropia will be planting up to 100 trees with the help of the Tucson community and American Forests. Efforts will begin at Tucson’s Earth Day Festival and continue for the following week.

Wondering how you can help?

• Shorten 5 of your weekly commutes with the app and Metropia will plant a tree for you!

• Use the Metropia app to plan your drive, save time, avoid traffic, and reduce your C02 emissions.

At the heart of Cyclovia is a desire to identify Tucson as a progressive urban community, increase health for area residents, promote walking and cycling as acceptable and safe modes of travel here in Tucson, and create a fun and free activity for everyone. These goals very closely align with Metropia, whose primary goal is to minimize time and CO2 wasted by citywide traffic congestion in order to give users back the time to spend with those they love doing the activities they love.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term “Cyclovia” - it is a Spanish word for the temporary closure of a network of streets to cars, leaving them open to people. At which point city residents can choose to walk, ride, or skate in the open streets and generally enjoy themselves with activities. Cyclovia is an excellent way to bring the community closer and inspire lasting connections.

Tucson’s own Cyclovia will be Sunday, April 19th and will span from Downtown to South Tucson. For a more detailed plan of the closed off areas simply click here. Since Cyclovia is a community event centered around stepping out of the car to get to know one another and enjoy the city of Tucson, it seemed only natural for Metropia to participate.Visit Metropia at Cyclovia Tucson for a fun snapshots, prizes, and more information about how to drive a better Tucson with the Metropia app. Help Metropia meet their 100 tree goal by using the app to drive to and from the event!

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