With all the exciting innovations coming onto the market each day, it is hard to choose the ones that will take hold and revolutionize the way that we do things in our everyday lives. We do know that there is some burgeoning green technology that is so exciting that we just have to share it with you!
In part one of our green tech round-up, we highlighted the MADCAT Flapless aircraft wings, which may use only a fraction of the fuel of traditional aircrafts; green data centers that not only protect your data, but also conserve power; electronic helicopters that say goodbye to carbon emissions; and greenhouses that are designed to be green and reduce cross-country trucking needs for fresh produce.

Here in Part Two, there’s plenty more forthcoming green technologies that are emerging and will undoubtedly make big waves in how we evolve into a more environmentally friendly country.

EV Chargers on the Highways

The Obama Administration made an exciting announcement a few weeks ago, and it has the tech world buzzing with anticipation. The EV charging station initiative, aimed to cover 25,000 miles of highways in the United States, is a partnership between the U.S. Government and 28 states.
The Western world has been on the cusp of embracing electric cars from Tesla, Nissan, GM, and BMW, and now that a slew of them are finally making their way onto American roads, they will need more than a few locations to top off their supply.
Enter the 28 EV charging stations, which will be able to supply all those cars with the necessary volts they need to zip from one side of the country to the other. The Obama Administration is hopeful that the charging stations will help Americans choose electric vehicles over gas-guzzling standard cars.

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar panels have done a fantastic job of helping conserve and repurpose the sun’s natural energy and turn it into much-needed electricity to run our homes and businesses. With the drive to turn away from fossil fuels to power our daily lives, it should be no surprise that green power superstars like Tesla have been trying to turn people onto green technology through a marriage of aesthetics and ingenuity.
This October, Tesla introduced the solar roof tile, allow those who choose green tech for their homes to skip installing solar panels on the roof and instead just make the roof itself the solar panel. A large part of the Tesla tile’s early positive reviews is the way in which these tiles don’t seem to be an addition at all, but simply a natural part of the home’s design.
The hope is that these more attractive solar options will entice those on the fence to take the plunge and invest in solar tech. Upping their anti, Tesla also introduced an in-house spare battery that can act as a pre-installed generator should the power go out.

Electric Bus

Imagine a bus that can go up to 600 miles on a single electric charge. Proterra has premiered their new zero emission bus, the Catalyst E2, which can get an average of 300 miles on a single charge. Expected to roll out onto city streets as early as 2017, the Catalyst E2 may be the biggest thing in green mass transportation solutions since the modern train.

Turning Sewage into Fuel

If you are growing concerned about what our country is planning on doing with all our sewage as it continues to mount, you are not alone. For decades, scientists have been trying to find ways to store, decontaminate, and just plain old get rid of the billions of gallons of sewage that pass through our sewage treatment plants on a daily basis (yes, we said daily!).
Though it was originally viewed as a poor option for creating biofuel, sewage sludge has become the Cinderella of the biofuel world thanks to the tireless efforts of researchers at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Vancouver. The PNNL has created a method of breaking the organic waste down into simple chemical compounds through a hydrothermal liquefaction process, turning the waste into useful and high-performing fuel.