Austin, TX

Listen up Austin Community College faculty, staff, and students, this one’s for you. We’ve had such a blast kicking off the 2016-2017 school year with you so far and want to keep the fun going.

When you use the Metropia app, you'll get to plan ahead, save time, and earn rewards—while helping reduce traffic congestion in Austin.  It doesn’t matter where you’re headed around town—friend’s place, ACC campus, work, or store, Metropia helps you get to your destination on time and you earn rewards while doing it. Pretty cool, right?

And it gets even better. As part of the ACC community, when you...

  1. Enter promo code: ACC
  2. Take 10 trips with Metropia each month
  3. You’ll be entered into drawings to WIN ACC Bookstore Gift Cards, Metropia Rewards, and more throughout the school year!

The Metropia app is free to download on the App Store and GooglePlay.

Why Metropia

Metropia’s mission is to make our cities better places to live, and those who use the app take part in doing just that. As of October 2016, Austin-area Metropians have reduced the amount of time they spend on roads by 7,000 hours (close to 300 days!), reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 475,000 pounds, donated more than 400 warm meals with their earned Metropia points to the Austin non-profit, Meals on Wheels and More, and planted nearly 4,750 trees and counting. Thanks to Metropians like you, together we’re making a difference in our community and driving a #bettercity.


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