Tucson, AZ

Metropia Inc. has partnered with another outstanding local merchant partner, Xoom Juice--voted “Best Smoothie” stop by the Tucson Weekly--to deliver healthy, delicious smoothies to the Tucson community.

Xoom Juice, a locally owned and operated business, has been providing Tucson with the very best in nutritious and flavorful smoothies for more than twenty years. Beginning in 2001, the Xoom Juice family has been working to bring fresh juices and coffees to the community, and now they are helping reward Metropians too.

When you use the Metropia app to get where you are going, you are not only helping to create cleaner, greener, less congested cities, but you are also earning rewards which are redeemable at local merchants.

Redeeming your reward points at a local merchant like Xoom Juice will not only get you some tasty smoothies, but will also support a local business who believes in the health and wellness of their community’s citizens and the environment we all share.

Xoom Juice owners Hernaldo and Liliana Sanchez are committed to providing healthy options and partnering with other local businesses with similar visions. And it is that commitment to creating better, stronger communities that makes Metropia and Xoom Juice a perfect match.

Metropia users can redeem their points at Xoom Juice in the My Metropia gift store. More about Xoom Juice, including the Tucson area locations, can be found on the Xoom Juice website.