09/08/2016Metropia Teams Up with UA Athletics and Parking & Transportation Services to Help All You Wildcat Fans to the Games Without the Hassle!
Tucson, AZ

When our Wildcats play ball, we all show up to Arizona Stadium to watch them battle it out on the gridiron. What we can all do without, though, is the battle to find the right parking spot so we can get to the game on time.

Metropia was created right here in Tucson at the University of Arizona’s UofA Tech Launch, and no company is better-suited to tackle the UofA Game Day traffic than the one that has been helping cities from across the country drive better for years. The revolutionary Metropia App not only gets you where you need to go faster by helping you avoid traffic and road closures, but it also gives you perks for driving better, cleaner, and greener in your fair city.

By using the Metropia App to get to the Wildcat football games this season, you will get the inside track on the very best of UofA Game Day parking with real-time updates on each and every parking garage and lot at the University of Arizona. This means landing the perfect spot, every time, and earning locally-redeemable reward points while you do it.

Just tap on the UA football helmet marking Arizona Stadium on your map, then tap on the “P” icon to see live availability of parking spots: Green lots have ample parking available, Orange lots are starting to filling up, and Red lots are almost full. Choose a parking lot and tap “To” to set it as your destination, then reserve your trip as usual.

Taking three or more people to the game in your car? Use DUO, Metropia App’s carpooling mode, and you and your passengers will earn FREE PARKING at designated garages on Game Day. What can be better than that?

Never again will you waste your Game Day finding parking, fighting UofA-bound traffic, or leaving way too early to snag those precious parking spots near the stadium. The Metropia App, UofA Athletics, and UofA Parking & Transportation Services have got you covered.  All that you need to do is download the app and watch our Wildcats score game after game!


Using the Metropia App to get to the game also makes you eligible to win one of their exclusive HALFTIME GIVEAWAYS!

Download the Metropia app free for your Android or iPhone now, and BEAR DOWN, Arizona!