As the number of drivers on the roads increase, cities can barely keep up with the overflow. Projects are constantly underway and teams of city planners and engineers spend hours in “think tanks” to solve the age-old problem of traffic congestion. However, drivers are now taking an active part in helping to reduce the congestion problem.

Multi-passenger traveling, classically known as carpooling, comes with a number of benefits. Whatever we choose to call it, the object is still to remove as many one-passenger vehicles from the roads as possible. If you join a carpool for your regular commute to work, you and your passengers can enjoy these perks:

·         Collaboration time

Many a great idea has come from the pooling together of ideas and as coworkers pool together to get to work. Sure you have company meetings, but smaller groups of like-minded people can produce innovative solutions and products beyond the context of work.

·         Take a load off

Particularly if all parties involved own a vehicle, you can keep the score even and rotate the driving queue. This way, one member of the pool is not always stuck with the driving. Carpooling can afford you the opportunity to relax and focus on that important meeting and those “post-it note” tasks and the company of others instead of driving. If you are without a vehicle, you will also be spared long waits at bus stops and the pandemonium that can be part of mass public transit.

·         Workplace harmony

As the old saying goes, “The more, the merrier”. This is certainly applicable when it comes to the often arduous journey to and from work for most drivers. When you drive alone, you are more likely to notice mostly the tail lights of the car in front of you and your growing impatience with the sludge of crawling traffic. When you get a ride with a group of coworkers, you can enjoy a more casual setting, time goes by more quickly, and you can form friendly bonds. This can give everyone involved more incentive to work as a team and operate at full production.

·         Enjoy discounted insurance rates, reduced fuel bills, and fewer trips to the mechanic

Auto insurance rates drop when you reduce your auto user status to recreation/leisure, meaning that you typically drive fewer than 10,000 miles yearly. When you engage in a carpool, your vehicle won’t bear the brunt of all the miles you need to travel in a year.  City driving significantly ages your vehicle, and you can shave off mileage and the expensive wear and tear on your personal vehicle when you let someone else do the driving sometimes. If it isn’t possible for all passengers to take part in a driving rotation, non-drivers can contribute funds towards the cost of fuel and operation of the driver’s vehicle.

·         Metropia for passengers

You don’t have to be in the driver’s seat to partake in Metropia’s rewards! DUO, Metropia’s carpooling feature, is available to passengers in a carpool who can still enjoy benefits from using the Metropia app as they travel. This is our way of rewarding commuters for taking one more vehicle out of traffic and sparing CO2 emissions. To learn more about how DUO works and where you can access it, visit our website at: