DUO: n. a pair of closely connected individuals; a couple

SOV's, or Single Occupant Vehicles, are a major contributor to traffic congestion. To solve this issue we need to incentivize commuters to pair up, to reduce Single Occupant Vehicles by Driving Up Occupancy (DUO).

Metropia’s DUO feature streamlines and incentivizes social carpooling. DUO reduces the in-app pairing process to a single tap on the passenger’s smartphone, making it possible for commuters to instantly begin their trip without exchanging contact information or searching through profiles. DUO’s engaging variable rewards program employs gamification elements to encourage frequent, ongoing use.

In tandem with agency commuter programs and special events, DUO has proven to be a valuable systems management resource. The carpooling platform can be seamlessly linked to existing commuter carpooling programs as an enhanced trip logging and verification tool, and is easily incorporated into traffic mitigation efforts for large scale events.

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