Transportation tech company Metropia joins El Paso’s innovation economy, formally launching El Paso Ecosystem with mobile platform, mobility symposium
El Paso, TX

EL PASO, Texas — We can solve El Paso’s growing traffic troubles, but only if we all work together.

That’s the simple idea behind Metropia, a transportation technology company which is launching its full platform of tools today in the Paso del Norte Region. Among those tools is the consumer-facing Metropia mobile app, which can be downloaded for free by smartphone users.

Metropia collaborates with area transportation experts, regional planning agencies and community stakeholders to create meaningful change by serving as the only single-source platform to share data with our entire community. Metropia’s team of traffic engineers and regional experts monitor the latest traffic conditions and construction closures from their new real-time traffic management center at the Hub of Human Innovation in Downtown El Paso.  

After months of testing, Metropia’s mobile app is ready to put the power of their partnerships in the hands of users by rewarding them for making better commuting decisions. Metropia’s mobile platform incentivizes the best routes and the best times to leave so commuters can avoid congestion. But Metropia goes further — connecting to our community in a way that no other transportation app can. By using Metropia’s mobile platform, users can cut CO2 emissions, save time and fuel, earn rewards from local businesses like Proper Printshop and Savage Goods and even contribute to global reforestation efforts.

“El Pasoans have clearly indicated their desire to reimagine and diversify their transportation infrastructure to include robust investments in freeways, transit, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists,” said Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu, founder of Metropia. “We are proud to be part of a community which takes such a forward-looking approach to mobility; we believe Metropia’s innovative partnerships will give both commuters and local leaders the information they need to help them make smart short and long term planning decisions.”

Dr. Chiu was one of several regional transportation leaders who gathered to celebrate the launch of Metropia. Today’s celebration included a community driven panel conversation about innovation and transportation in the El Paso area which was moderated by community leader Marybeth Stevens. Panelists included Bob Bielek, P.E., El Paso District Engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation and Mathew McElroy, Director of International Bridges for the City of El Paso. The celebration also included a Mobility Information Fair in San Jacinto Plaza which included SunCycle Bike Share, VeloPaso Bike + Pedestrian Alliance, the City of El Paso’s Office of Sustainability and Resiliency.

Metropia’s launch in El Paso is a joint project with the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, the Texas Department of Transportation, the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the City of El Paso.

Metropia also formally introduced El Paso-native Tania Chozet, who has recently joined Metropia as community manager. In that role, Chozet will forge partnerships with local businesses who can provide incentives for commuters who use Metropia’s mobile platform. Additionally, she will work with local employers to help their employees optimize their commutes and improve the quality of their work and home life.

Metropia’s technical team in El Paso is growing, too. Metropia also introduced Pablo Bustamante who recently returned to his hometown to work as a local operations engineer for Metropia.

The Metropia app is available for free in the App Store or via Google Play. For more information, visit