10/08/2016Metropia and PAG at Technology and Transportation Summit
Tucson, AZ

Metropia is a proud sponsor and participant of the inaugural Pima Association of Governments’ (PAG) Technology and Transportation Summit this October 13, 2016

Metropia’s Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu will be participating in the Technology and Transportation Summit in Tucson, Arizona, presenting on transportation and mobility alternatives through app-based platforms and GPS data collection to enhance and optimize operations of transportation systems.

Dr. Chiu will first be speaking and leading a panel of industry and academic experts about Shared Mobility. The discussion will center on the role of technology in increasing mobility options and optimizing municipal resources. 

In addition, a panel on Active Traffic and Multimodal Demand Management, lead by Metropia’s founder will focus on advanced technologies currently being employed and developed in the field to address the needs of modern congestion management. Metropia’s Mario Salomon, Director of Product Operations, will also be a panelist.

Metropia will be present throughout the summit, and will showcase the Metropia app and Metropia Inc.’s active demand management solutions which redefine the way cities approach traffic congestion and mobility issues.

As a part of Metropia’s commitment to STEM education, ten Arizona students will attend the symposium through Metropia-funded scholarships. These students will be the ones who shape the future of connected cities and transportation systems, and their participation in this event will help them build the foundation they need to become industry leaders and innovative solution strategists.

The Technology and Transportation Summit (TTS) is a PAG enterprise which seeks to utilize groundbreaking technologies and initiatives to build efficient and technologically-connected cities and societies. The Summit will bring together industry leaders, academic specialists, and transportation specialists to discuss the future of “Smart Cities,” and offer their unique insights and innovations designed to improve the transportation systems in Southern Arizona and beyond.

Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Arizona. He is also the Founder and CEO of Metropia Inc., which developed the Metropia App, the popular mobile platform that incentivizes commuters to make smart travel decisions like choosing alternate routes or social carpooling with the app’s DUO feature.

Metropia, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, is a GovTech 100 company whose mission is to make cities better places to live by reducing traffic congestion. Metropia uses behavioral economics to influence personal travel behavior by changing modes, travel times and routes, optimizing the transportation system to everyone’s benefit.

For more information about this event, visit http://www.tts16.com/tts/