The effects of traffic jams, long-term driving, and a commuter stress have long been documented in our society, yet still, most of us depend on our cars to get us to and from work every day. Sitting in traffic has been shown to cause an increase in blood pressure, rising cholesterol levels, increased fatigue, and raises your risk of anxiety, but there are solutions out there that can help you alleviate these stressors, at least intermittently this autumn.

As the temperatures cool and alternate methods of commuting become more available, many people take advantage of the mild weather to change up their commute and get some extra exercise. Others are looking for ways to not only get out of their cars, but also to reduce their pollution emissions and help to create a greener city.

Depending on where you live, your options for alternate modes of transportation will vary greatly. If you live in New York City or the surrounding area, for example, you are far more likely to take a train or a bus to work or school every day than you are to take your car. Cities like Tucson are very bike friendly, and many people choose to bike to work every day, even when it’s over 100 degrees out!

Thankfully, cities all around the country are hard at work developing cleaner and more reliable forms of transportation to help commuters choose alternative methods of transportation, but until those systems are operational, you may be looking for ways to destress, go green and snag some extra cardio during your commute.

How about giving these alternate modes of transportation a try?

Trolleys are making a big comeback in cities, and it is for a good reason. Trolleys are safe, clean, and effective ways to get where you’re going across a central line. Not only does grabbing a trolley mean that you get where you’re going in the fresh open air, but you also get to pack in some extra steps on your step counter on your way to the trolley line.

Hey, we’re bipedal for a reason. One of the biggest issues facing America today is the impact that a sedentary lifestyle is having on our health, and a large part of that sedentary stress on the body comes from your commute in your car. Walking to work has a host of health benefits, and better still, you don’t have to purchase a ticket to get where you’re going. If a daily walk to work is simply not possible, consider parking in a lot or garage that allows you to walk a decent distance to work. You will get all of the amazing healthy attributes of your walk without sacrificing an extra hour of your time to get to the office.

The bicycle has never gone out of style, and as American begin to adopt the Northern European primary method of transportation, cities are growing to accommodate the influx of work bikers, encouraging more and more citizens to join the ranks. Not only will grabbing your bike and heading off to work fill your lungs with crisp autumn air, but it can allow you to detour your route through the most visually inspiring neighborhoods and parks on your way, boosting your energy levels and elevating your mood in the process. Plus, it’s a combo commute and workout, and you can’t beat that time management!

Carpooling is a tried and true method of commuting, and if you grab a car full of friendly coworkers each day, you are far more likely to arrive at work on time and with a smile on your face. Carpooling also has the added benefit of allowing every one person to take a turn at the wheel, keeping you free at least part of the week to relax, stretch your legs, or just zone out and take in the scenery on your drive. Carpooling is one of the best ways to reduce traffic congestion and eliminate unnecessary smog and exhaust fumes from our cities to boot.

Did we mention that you’ll also get to keep some extra cash in the bank because carpooling means that you’re burning far less gas than driving solo? What’s not to enjoy about that?