12/17/2016A Green 2017

Every new year brings with it new possibilities, and of course, lots of new promises to be a better version of yourself than you were the year before. Many people will resolve to eat healthier, exercise more, spend less, spend more time with their loved ones, and make the important changes in their lives, and the hope is that we can form new habits that will stick with us for years to come.

One of more increasingly common resolutions that have become popular lately is the resolution to change wasteful habits and become greener in our everyday living. Though there are a whole lot of ways to be greener, there is one area of your life which, with a little tweaking, can make you a much greener, more eco-friendly citizen of your community.
Your daily car commute to work is not only wreaking havoc on your mental and physical health, but it is also seriously damaging the health of our planet. While we all look forward to a future of electric or solar-powered cars being common, there are ways that you can make going green as easy as changing the way you commute. Not only will you keep your green resolution, but tackling some of these green goals in the new year can help you stick to those other resolutions too.

Plan Ahead Before You Drive

We’ve all wasted time on jam-packed roads, searching for the best lanes and hoping to score the exact right path to get all our holiday shopping done in the most efficient manner possible. In the new year, ditch the guessing and use the Metropia app to pre-plan your routes and save a ton of time (and emissions) in the process.

Give Back to Your Community by Ditching Errands

Convert the daily errand run into one planned shopping trip, and spend the rest of the time you would normally spend behind the wheel volunteering to help your community instead. Planting a community garden, volunteering for programs like Meals on Wheels, and challenging yourself to raise funds for a local charity or chapter of a national charity by participating in a group run or walk are all great ways to get out of the car and spend some time working to better your community instead.

Shop Locally at Businesses Who Buy Locally

Not only does shopping at your local store reduce pollution by keeping your trip short, but it also encourages local businesses to keep their shopping local too. When you spend your money at locally-owned businesses who get their supplies locally, you tell that business that you value their green efforts, and give them a great reason to keep it up.


Interested in getting to work efficiently and having some free time to catch up on emails and chat with your friends or coworkers in the process? Carpooling has so many great benefits, but the biggest one of all is knowing that you are contributing to the health and wellness of your community. Want a better reason to carpool? Metropia’s DUO feature rewards everyone in your carpool with points, so you score even if it isn’t your turn to drive. What could be better than that?
Check back in next week for Part Two of our Ring in the New (Green) Year!