El Paso, TX

For years, El Pasoans could jump in the car and get anywhere in town in 20 minutes. But those days are long gone.

Recent growth coupled with high-impact construction projects including Border West Expressway and Go10 mean we all have to make changes in our daily routines. After all, we're not stuck in traffic. We are traffic.

As the Pioneer Program testing phase continues, Metropia can be an important tool to help us easily make small changes that can make a big difference.  For example, leaving 15 minutes later, could be the difference in being stuck in traffic or enjoying smooth sailing.

By now, you’ve probably used Metropia to plan a trip. But don’t forget one of Metropia’s most powerful tools — the ability to predict travel times and reserve your trip at the optimal time on the optimal route.

By comparing travel times now and into the future, Metropia can help you decide if it’s better to wait it out before getting on the road.  If you see that leaving later will prove to be a time saver, simple select your departure time and reserve your trip.

You’ll also notice that certain future departure times may be worth more points than others. That’s because Metropia is incentivizing travel at the least congested time. That makes your trip better but it also makes trips better for everybody else on the road, too.

Metropia connects you with the information you need to make the best decision about when to travel. That means less time wasted in traffic and less CO2 being released into our atmosphere. That’s how we’re Driving a Better El Paso.