Metropia's partnership with American Forestsallows you to plant trees with your community’s saved CO2 emissions

Last month we rolled out an app feature which allows users to donate their accumulated reward pointsfor something much more rewarding than even a hot morning latte - nationalreforestation! While solving traffic is a key objective for Metropia, solvingfurther damage to our ecosystem is the clear end goal of all efforts, asevidenced by our My Metropia feature, which shows you time saved along with CO2emissions saved after each trip. This new “Plant A Tree” point reward restoresthe environment and offers you, as a Metropian, a gift which goes above andbeyond their usual point redemption options.

Planting trees improves biodiversity - making for stronger, healthierforests; supplies us with cleaner air and water; offers an array of medicinessupplied by trees; encourages more social interaction; provides beautiful sitesfor recreation and has been proven to assist with regular weather patterns.Considering the amount of deforestation that often comes with the developmentof cities and roadways, it’s no surprise that Metropia wants to provide ahelping hand for the future by partnering with American Forests.

Although this point reward is an offering for those particular usersinterested in making a grand gesture with their earnings, Metropia alsocontributes to American Forest’s forest restoration by planting a tree withevery 100 lbs. of CO2 emissions saved by each and every Metropia app user. Justas you, as a fellow Metropian, assist the environment by cutting back on CO2emissions with your better-informed driving routes, Metropia matches thiseffort with the app’s built-in “Plant A Tree” feature.

Metropia can now be found on the list of AmericanForests Corporate Partners alongside such businesses as Bank of America,Ikea, and S’well. American Forests has planted more than 45 million trees since1990, when the national nonprofit conservation organization began. Whetherdestroyed by human action or natural disasters, American Forests uses carefulscience research to select the appropriate tree or mix of trees for each newforest. Metropia’s partnership with American Forests was a clear and simpledecision considering how both Metropia and American Forests strive to improvelife by improving the health of our ecosystem.

Keep driving green, fellow Metropians! It’s much appreciated! - Steve Delgado, Communications Director

To learn more about the efforts and vision ofAmerican Forests, read on here.

Metropia is currently in beta in the city ofAustin, however you can also sign up to be a beta user here!