ITS Arizona and Metropia
Tucson, AZ

Tucson-based Metropia Inc. is  proud to announce that Director of Research and Development Dr. Xianbiao Hu will be presenting at the 2016 Intelligent Transportation Society of Arizona’s Annual Conference in Mesa, Arizona, Sept 29. Hu will be discussing his work on assessing lane closure events using smartphone data, a revolutionary approach to examining traffic congestion by analyzing driver behavior during heightened traffic.

Hu will be presenting his work on Multi-Resolution Approach in Investigating the Impacts of Pre-planned Road Capacity Reduction on Thursday, Sept. 29 in Session 1A: Traveler Information Systems, beginning at 10:30 am.

Other topics in the session include:

  • The impact of pre-planned road closures on a network level
  • The impact at individual driver level based on real trajectory GPS data via smartphone
  • An explanation of driver behavior during bottleneck incidents, including choice of   alternative routes

The Intelligent Transportation Society of Arizona is the statewide organization that advocates emerging technologies which will “improve the safety, security, and efficiency of the nation’s surface transportation system.” As a member of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, ITS Arizona is comprised of transportation professionals and those dedicated to creating more efficient roadways for America by using advanced technologies.

Metropia has been paving the way for better cities with the Metropia app, a revolutionary way to mitigate traffic congestion by combining real-time data with pre-planned trips and alternative routes to bring better traffic flow to cities all across the United States, while incentivizing commuters for helping drive cleaner, greener cities.

Metropia has offices in New York City, Austin, El Paso, and Tucson, with more soon to come. More information on how Metropia helps drive better cities can be found at

ITS Arizona 2016 Conference, Wednesday, September 28 - 29, 2016 | Mesa Convention Center, Mesa, AZ