Metropia Launches in Tucson with Pima Association of Governments Partnership
Tucson, AZ


March 16, 2015 - Tucson, AZ In a proactive effort to alleviate congestion in the Tucson metropolitan area and reduce impacts on air quality in the region, Pima Association of Governments (PAG) will partner with locally owned Metropia Inc. to support the local launch of Metropia’s smart app to better manage traffic and relieve peak congestion.

Research gathered by Metropia will benefit PAG’s travel reduction program to promote ridesharing. Sun Rideshare, for example, is a regional travel assistance program at PAG, the region’s metropolitan planning organization. Metropia also intends to collect travel time and speeds for PAG’s Travel Demand Model, which is used for planning future road projects, forecasting pollution levels and ensuring compliance with air quality regulations.

Metropia’s app launch for the Tucson region will be celebrated with its partner PAG, and various ecosystem partners such as Fed by Threads, RBar, and Ear Effects.

Metropia Inc. is a locally owned and operated transportation startup company with its roots at the University of Arizona. The company founder, Yi-Chang Chiu, Ph.D., associate professor of Civil Engineering, partnered with Tech Launch Arizona to commercialize the technology. Metropia went on to the Arizona Center for Innovation to advance their business model, and is successfully launching their company with the help from many other supporters within Tucson’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Metropia’s unique approach empowers individual drivers to make informed decisions that work for their schedule and incentivize them to save time and earn rewards while reducing the strain on Tucson's roads. Navigation apps start working when the user sits down in their car, but by then it's often too late. By planning ahead with Metropia, users get a clear picture as to what their upcoming commute will look like as well as updated alerts when accidents and lane closures require an earlier departure. Pre-scheduling a trip gives users the foresight to accurately plan their drive and the flexibility to make adjustments when need be.

The Metropia approach is made possible through the dynamic partnership of committed community stakeholders - this is the Metropia Ecosystem.

Pima Association of Governments is an association of local, state and tribal governments with a mission to build consensus among its members and the public on regional planning for transportation, energy, watershed and air quality. Please visit or for more information.

Read the official Pima Association of Governments press release here.

Metropia is a holistic solution to traffic congestion that partners with both public and private sectors to incentivize smarter travel decisions and empower drivers to shorten their commute. Learn more at or