When you use Metropia’s DUO social carpooling feature, you take additional vehicles off the road, reduce traffic congestion, improve your city’s air quality, and earn rewards for everyone in the car. And this January, you can earn more rewards than ever for carpooling with DUO!

Free Flow Fridays

Every Friday in January, Metropia is DOUBLING POINTS for drivers and passengers who carpool with DUO. Free Flow Fridays are the perfect time to share a ride to work, the gym, the movies, or anywhere you’re headed. So team up with your friends, family, and coworkers to share a ride and share the rewards!

Carpooling Can Make a Big Difference

If everyone in the U.S. chose to carpool even one day a week, our road and highway traffic would be reduced by more than 20%. Choosing to carpool on Free Flow Fridays can help make that traffic reduction a reality for your city, and earn you double the rewards while you share a ride.

Want to make an even bigger impact on the environment? You can use your rewards points to planting trees through Metropia’s partnership with American Forests.

About DUO social carpooling

Social carpooling with DUO is easy, and finally, so is getting rewarded for doing it. Whether you’re giving a coworker a ride to the office or hopping in the car with another driver so you can use the HOV lane together, Metropia’s new DUO feature lets you pick up your passengers and pick up rewards all with the tap of a button.

Here’s how you social carpool with DUO: Once the driver and passengers get in the car together, drivers use Metropia to guide them to their destination, passengers tap “Start My Trip” in DUO mode, and we do all the work! We’ll sync your group as you drive, so you don’t have to search for profiles or exchange contact info to get started—you just tap, tap, go!

Each time you carpool, you take a car off the road, reduce traffic, and eliminate harmful CO2 from the air. With DUO, you and your passengers will also earn reward points that you can redeem for prizes like gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants. Even better, we'll enter you into raffles for a chance to win exclusive prizes like tickets to special events, must-haves like smartwatches and custom-fit headphones, and more. Other benefits to carpooling include reducing your gas expenses, using faster HOV lanes, and having a companion along for the ride!

It’s not just Metropia users who benefit from DUO, though. By removing cars from the road, we’re improving traffic flow for everyone and reducing hazardous emissions from the air we all breathe.