APA Planning Conference Arizona 2015 Metropia Traffic
Tucson, AZ

Finding ways of “Embracing Change” is going to be on everyone’s mind at the American Planning Association Arizona Conference this coming weekend, Nov. 4 through Nov. 6, in Tucson. The association is made up of community leaders and certified planners who work to improve the places where they live.

The conference, which provides certification maintenance credits for association members who wish to keep up their planning credentials, is focused this year on addressing ways of making change possible in communities while at the same time preserving their history and maintaining the things about them that presently work well. Since it is taking place in Tucson, the conference will explore how the town has revamped its greater downtown area over the past decade—which includes the town’s modern streetcar that replaced its historic short-distance trolley. 

But the streetcar isn’t the only source of mobility being discussed in the Old Pueblo at the conference. Topics also include the changing face of Amtrak’s passenger train system, bicycle planning, drones, street planning, the desire to build a light rail corridor between Tucson and Phoenix, and a presentation about Metropia by Metropia founder, president, and CEO Yi-Chang Chiu.

Chiu, together with Metropia Operations Engineer Mario Salomon, will help attendees better understand how Metropia’s computing technologies can help planners build cities with improved traffic flow and reduced congestion. Because of the real-time statistics and flow data they can access through Metropia, planners and transportation agencies alike can understand the traffic patterns in their communities and learn to address them in future development.

Not only is Metropia useful for daily traffic and road planning, but it is also beneficial for disaster management and emergencies. When an ambulance needs to get to a serious accident, traffic flow is one of the largest deterrents to the responders arriving in a timely fashion.

In their demonstration, Chiu and Salomon will also explain how commuters benefit from using Metropia’s traffic apps. By following alternative routes to avoid traffic congestion, Metropia users can help ease the flow of heavy traffic in their communities and simultaneously earn reward points from participating corporate sponsors.

With incentives for people to use Metropia’s technologies on a day-to-day basis, as well as data that local and regional officials can’t easily get anywhere else, Metropia is a valuable tool for the planning community. Chiu and Salomon are excited to have this opportunity to present their work to the people who are helping to shape Arizona’s future.

With offices in New York City and in Austin, Texas, Metropia has a broad view of trends across the country and in a variety of community environments. But Chiu’s talk is also a great fit for this conference about Embracing Change in Arizona, because Metropia is headquartered in the state’s second-largest metropolitan area—in Tucson.