Tucson, AZ

March 9th, 2015 - Tucson, AZ Wait no longer for the rewards you deserve, faster routes you crave, and reduced emissions you aim to achieve. The Metropia mobile app’s arrival in the App Store and Google Play marks the beginning of a new way to drive. Traffic delays, inaccurate ETA’s, and generally lackluster route planning will no longer plague your drive.

Plan your trips with Metropia and see for yourself the impact on your travel time, the environment, and your many reward options! If you’ll have to make the drive, why not make it smarter with Metropia?

The new Metropia mobile app promises both pre-trip and en route incident alerts to keep you agile and out of traffic, along with easier ways to store and mark your favorite locations, and OnMyWay notifications to let anyone in your circle know when to expect you without taking your eyes off the road to text.

Expect stellar predictive technology for your arrival and travel time, simple trip planning to get you more points for better commute choices, and an easy-to-access My Metropia dashboard - where you’ll find your accomplishments from reward points earned to travel time saved and CO2 emissions reduced.

Share your progress with friends, family, and colleagues by text, email, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter - who wouldn’t want to earn rewards and aid the environment just for driving a better-planned commute?

Metropia has thoroughly enjoyed the process of working closely with their beta testing Metropians, and is ready to welcome all Metropians to their fully-loaded app - made excellent by the feedback of those very beta testers and hard work of their team.

The Metropia App currently advances your commute in Tucson, AZ and Austin, TX. Still, Metropia looks forward to bringing their solution to many more cities in the coming year, including New York, Los Angeles, and Houston in the near future.

Download the app today!